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Obama has a Natural choice to Head up The Bureau of Prisons!


Prosecutors asked a federal judge Monday to send former Washington mayor Marion Barry to jail for failing to file his tax returns for the eighth time in nine years. ( Sounds a bit like Tom Daschle doesn’t it)In a motion filed in U.S. District Court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Zeno said Barry, who’s also a current District of Columbia Council member did not file his taxes in 2007, violating his probation for previous tax offenses. How come Barry gets jail and Geithner and Daschle and Solis’ huband skate?

Based on the above noted history of tax evasion, would it not be almost certain that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry, could find a place for Marion Barry in his cabinet or possibly his staff. After all, Marion Barry, being the former mayor of Washinton D.C., has inside knowledge about the town and the pols who make there living there.

Marion Barry also knows prisons well as he has been in and out of them often enough. Maybe he has his own key! He could interview to head up the Bureau of Prisons! He could ask to appoint another Barack Hussein Obama friend and supporter, Kwame Fitzpatrick, who was recently released from prison.

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