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President Barack Obama has another “Friend” who is a Tax Cheat that comes to our Attention

Well now we know why the Democrats don’t mind raising taxes – they don’t pay them.

First it was Timothy Geithner. Obama and the Dems thought little of the fact HE did not pay his taxes. After all it was a small amount and an oversight! Now comes Tom Daschle with a history of not paying taxes in amounts that would put an “ordinary middle class worker” in jail. I suggest that you read the following and then call you Senator and tell them VOTE no on Daschle. He offers nothing to the HHS position anyway EXCEPT he has “FRIENDS in the industry that he could use his influence to “help”.

Barack Obama has nominated another tax cheat. This time a BIG TAX CHEAT!

With Tim Geithner we were told he was the indispensable man during the economic crisis. What about Tom Daschle? What makes him special — NOTHING makes Daschle so special EXCEPT he is one of Barack Hussein Obama’s “friends”.  One tax cheat is enough.

Call 202-224-3121. Tell your ator to vote no on Tom Daschle.


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