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Security Moms for McCain/Palin and Against Obama/Biden

security mom n. A woman with children who believes the most important issue of the day is national security, particularly the fight against terrorism.


McCain has shown strength of character and resolve.  McCain and Palin believe in removing the threats before they arrive here.  McCain and Palin will continue a strong fight against terrorism and keep the terrorists on the run.


Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.


As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden’s.


Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country’s defense. Given Alaska’s proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don’t even know about.


She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.


The above is in response to thiose who say Palin has zero experience in National Security.


There is ONE candidate who has zero experience in National Security and almost everything else in Washington; his name is BARACK H. OBAMA! There is NO way around it!

Vote McCain/Palin on November 4, 2008

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The founder of the “security moms groups” going all the way back to pre-2004 Election, is a special friend of mine and yes, the RIGHTwingdog IS a charter member of her groups. In fact, I can thank her for getting me into the BLOGs and also for the writing I do and submit to several sites on the Net.


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