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When and IF Obama should be elected President

Obama would take the country sharply, suddenly, and dangerously to the far left. Obama would raise taxes immediately and substantially: increasing the top bracket to at least 40 percent, lifting the cap on Social Security taxes, and doubling capital gains taxes and taxes on dividends. Obama would roll back the increases in the threshold for the inheritance tax passed under Bush. But his catastrophic intervention in our society would hardly end there. Obama would open the door wide to illegal immigrants and make it easy for them to become citizens and voters.


Obama would socialize medicine in America-through a federal insurance program that would include illegal immigrants.


. Obama,would weaken the PATRIOT Act in important ways and would increase our vulnerability to terrorists.


Obama would weaken the standards Bush imposed for improved public education.


.Obama would lower penalties for some of our most dangerous drug criminals and give many a free pass to leave prison.


And, most important, Obama would pull out of Iraq unilaterally, without conditions, and leave it to its (likely bloody) fate. If it became a base for terrorists, Obama is likely to do little more than to wring OBAMA hands and blame President Bush. During the primary season, Obama has been relatively clear about what OBAMA would do as president.

The trouble is that most voters haven’t been listening to what Obama’s been saying. Enthralled by his charisma, enraptured by the idea of electing the first black president, thrilled to have an alternative to the deadly oscillation of Clintons and Bushes in the White House, the voters have allowed the specifics of Obama’s agenda to get lost along the way. They have missed the dangerously radical substance that lies behind Obama’s attractive rhetoric.


For Obama has done much more than merely promise to end the current political style in Washington and to bring the “audacity of hope to the nation’s politics. During the campaign, Obama explicitly outlined an ultra-liberal agenda-one that runs even further to the left than what Hillary was willing to own up to.


I copied this from a blog and there was no indication of the author BUT I believe it to be RIGHT ON TARGET!





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  1. Obama’s “Change” is a move to Communism–plain and simple.
    Are we ready for that? If he is elected, get use to it!

    His “windfall” profit tax is exactly that. Communism! Rob the pensions of retires and pretend that they made too much money.

    Bing every one down to a common level of misery!

    By the way, what should be excess profit on a book? Don’t you think that Barack should give big brother everything over $50,000 as a widfall profit.

    Comment by Watch Dog | August 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. I just happened to run across this blog tonight, & I’m glad to see someone else has been paying attention. It amazes me, how many people are not listening to what Obama has been saying in his speeches.

    I called myself a moderate democrat at one time in my life but over the last several years, I’ve become lost because I see the democrats as the biggest threat to this country since WWII. Who do I vote for?

    McCain: Someone who no doubt will continue GW’s agenda’s, & may or may not continue with the illegal alien fix (if there is one now).. One big topic on most minds of “legal” Americans, i talk to. Personally.. I’ll be happy just to get the D.C. out of the White House.. Does anyone remember a VP that was so ghostly before.. I mean.. I never see the guy in public.. so I’m guessing he’s made the white house his natural habitat so he can control a few agency’s.. For some reason, the guy worries me. Any politician thats that private, should scare people. I’m waiting for the elections to be canceled by executive order (aka.. Marshall Law) for some lame reason like our good friend in Pakistan Gen. MUSHARRAF. I’ll be glad when the elections are over.. BTW.. I know I’m a little paranoid. Its the times we live in.

    Or Obama: I’m not for long term commitments in Iraq & Afghanistan, but anyone with half a brain can figure out whats going to happen if we unilaterally pull out of Iraq. We would have seen it in South Korea if we had left there unilaterally.. Oh wait.. we’re still there.. wonder why that is?? *wink*.. Now that we have committed our troops to protecting Iraqi citizens, Obama wants to “cut & run”, leaving a lot of dead women, children, disabled, & senior citizens to fend for them selfs. What we need to do is make Iraq pay they’re own way now with all the oil money thats pouring into the bank accounts, & make them pay some of what we’ve spent back. They can afford it now. How did one Iraqi Military office put it, when he was asked by a reporter(Off record of course), “why Iraq was still letting the USA cover their costs” (i.e. salaries, health care, paying insurgents not to attack out troops, etc).. his response was, “We’ll let them pay as long as they are willing to pay.” (maybe not exact quote, but the meaning is right on).. So how long are we willing to cover their costs. Are we quitters, enablers, or liberators? Someone please tell me?

    I’m wondering if we’d be better off voting for Nader…. Or Oprah.. God help us all..

    The forever pessimist

    Comment by Mike | August 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. I get the sense that the Obama campaign is running out of steam and it started towards the end of the primaries. Oh, Barack is cool in his shades all right, but where’s the substance? People must be noticing he’s not as he first seemed. Having Joe Biden as his running mate only makes Obama’s shortcomings more noticeable.

    Comment by Sunny Richards | August 28, 2008 | Reply

  4. Mike:

    Good post. Thanx!

    I will take McCain and Palin anyday! I can’t stomach Nader and Oprah can’t do it, “it’s below her pay grade”! lol! Where did I hear that before??


    Comment by rightwingdog | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  5. Sunny Richard:

    I believe you are correct, low steam and running scared. McCain’s addition of Palin (great choice IMHO) and Obama’s pick of Biden (Bad Choice IMHO) will put the Obama crew under. Obama would have been better off picking Kathleen Sebellus over Biden. Actually he could have won the election by picking Hillary but neither he or she would have survived the first year!

    Thanx for the post!


    Comment by rightwingdog | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  6. My fear is just what can an educated person like myself who was poor as a young person, worked since I was 15yrs old, worked my way through college, worked for the last 25 years and became one of those successfull people who make over $200,000. Now, just when I can finally relax and enjoy my retirement this shadow is over my head. Fear of illegals getting inline before me at he doctors, good doctors leaving, giving my hard earned money to a government run by …….. I want some hard suggestions as to what to do to live through an Obamanation. I really don’t want to leave the US but I will not give my money or my soul to the government. Help me now.

    Comment by emma gremmo | September 25, 2008 | Reply

  7. The Obama orgasm in this country only proves we have become a poorly educated, self-serving, selfish, shallow and superficial people. Obama is nothing but smoke and mirrors, he doesn’t even know what he believes himself. He is a soul-less shell of a human being.

    I am considering leaving the country, simply becuase it is painful to stand by and watch pseudo-intellect destroy our moral compass, and I have no intention of working to support someone too lazy to support themselves.

    The latin root word for left is ‘sinister’…….does anyone actually think that is a coincidence? ‘Left’ carries now, as it always has, a connotation of bad or evil, contrary to the good of the majority. The US will soon be given a first-hand demonstration of why left isn’t right, left is wrong.

    Comment by Jim | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  8. How is it that a political figure with no notable experience, no definitive plan for the United States of America, and such transparent anti-American involvement can be ahead a week before the election.
    Barrack Obama has removed the flag from his jet and replaced it with his own logo. What will he do when he is in office remove our flag from all venues from monuments to embassies? The radical left is finally wining and the American public is giving this country away.
    It is amazing how people are duped into supporting Obama with the promise of a handout much like the people registering to vote with ACORN for a meal or a carton of cigarettes are. These unmotivated, uneducated people are being lead to the slaughter like sheep. It is easier to be afraid to think for themselves but rather rely on the promise of a steady flow of income from a plan of wealth distribution. A plan designed to punish Americans who work hard and exercise some motivation, and self discipline to realize the American dream.
    Once in office Obama will survive by keeping low income, unmotivated, government dependant people enslaved to the very government that proposes to liberate them. Is it so hard to believe that a lawyer would be able to talk these people into a small handout and promise of wealth distribution for their soul?
    What this country needs:

    1. Fair Tax Act
    2. Term Limits
    3. Lobbyist Reform
    4. Immigration Reform
    5. UN out of the USA and the USA out of the UN
    6. Tort reform (ACLU is a terrorist organization)
    7. Reform for world aid from the USA
    8. Rethink the rules and uses of the US Military
    9. Subsidies Reform (Farming/Art/Fuel)
    10. Welfare Reform (Drug test to get Assistance)
    11. Prison Reform
    12. Personal Responsibility for Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs

    Comment by steve smith | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  9. Steve:

    With that list, would you ever consider to running for president?

    I am very impressed and agree!

    Thanx for the comment!


    Comment by rightwingdog | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  10. Emma:

    Interesting choice of descriptives and the latin lesson! lol!

    Thanx for the comment!

    You hit the nail on the head. Don’t leave the country, we need people like you!


    Comment by rightwingdog | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  11. The Obama administration will not do anything drastic. This will be a slow crawl, walk run to the left luring the most government dependant individuals from their complacency into socialized slavery.

    Comment by steve smith | December 23, 2008 | Reply

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