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Who is next for Obama to denounce??

I was trying to come up with a controversial subject to write about on the very day when Obama “clinches” the needed delegates for nomination and I thought about maybe those voters (popular votes) that Hillary had that are being cast aside. Then, I have no love for Hillary so I am not sure I could be objective 🙂 there.

Then I thought about the Florida and Michigan deal where the DNC screwed over the voters to give Obama a better chance but I was not able to be objective there either 😉 because they voters were Democrats and they should have known the DNC has been screwing with them for a long time.

I finally settled on the question of WHO will he denounce or distance himself from next. He has already dumped two controversial men of the cloth, who have been long time friends and advisors that caused him problems, for HIS political good (Barack, the stain does not come out, you still have it) but those two racial whacko’s have really done their damage already.

I think it will be either Michelle Obama, she don’t really like white people either and is just as vocal about it as Wright and Pfleger (Pfleger was told by the Cardinal in Chicago to lay off of politics in the church) was or as I saw on another BLOG, “he may have to distance himself from himself”. All are distinct posibilities! Then of course it could be whoever told him that he could help his cause with the veterans and military by telling the story about his uncle freeing the prisoners from the German prison camp in WWII but told him the wrong camp name or was it it great uncle or mabe his Grandfather or maybe he should distance himself from himself as the person on the other BLOG said, and be done with it. OR HE COULD FORGET THE LIES AND TELL THE TRUTH! What a novel idea!

I guess with possibles such as these, we will just have to see who it will be that next threatens Obama’s assent to his rightful position of President of The United States of America! He can’t be King of the Inited States, that was Garfield Goose when I was a teenager. I will post the winner just as soon as it happens so check back often.


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  1. If BO is to separate him self from Socialists and Marxists, he was denounce himself! If he is to separate himself from fools and Idiots, he must denounce himself.

    Everyone who advises him is controversial, but BO claims that he does not vet them and therefore is not responsible for their views. Will he vet Cabinet Secretaries, Judges, Advisors, etc. using the same standards? Only a fool would give him the chance.

    This man is as hollow as a brand new straw, and even less intelligent!

    Comment by Watch Dog | June 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Watch Dog:

    You seem to know a lot about him. I trust your opinion as only someone who has known Obama would know some of the things you mention.

    Thanx, you have caused me to see what I have been saying all along ios the truth!


    Comment by RightWingDog | June 16, 2008 | Reply

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