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Obama says HE WILL FINALLY visit Iraq in Summer

Wow! Barack Obama, who has been to Iraq one time and that was in 2006 with a Congressional delegation is finally goin  to visit the Troops. He says it’s not political but to talk to the people on the ground. I say baloney he has not been there for over 871 days but he criticizes the war daily!

McCain who has been to Iraq EIGHT TIMES has been forcing the issue.

Obama’s people said they have been considering the trip since last year but have been involved with the campaign against Hillary and have been unable to put it together. I say baloney!

We must remember that McCain supports the war and the Obama opposes the war and wans to bring the troops home yesterday.McCain offered to make it a joint trip which Obama turned down.

McCain brought up a good point when he asked why Obama wants to sit down and talk with the President of Iraq but has not done so with General Petraeus. Obama said that is a lie he talked with him when he was in Washington! I say that was a bit too late.


Obama is an empty shirt. His hope is false and his promises are empty.



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