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Alan Keyes has no Key to The Presidency!

Alan Keyes is, IMHO, a wacko. He is very intelligent but not too awful smart.


He and the morons in the Illinois Republican Party are responsible, again in my humble opinion, for catapulting Obama to where he is today. The Illinois Republicans you may recall put Keyes up as a candidate for U.S. Senator when Jim Ryan dropped out because of a sex scandal involving he and his former wife, actress Jeri Ryan of SHARK (T.V. Show) fame. Keyes moved into the black section of Calumet City and made a multitude of mistakes. Obama won by a landslide and the rest is history. Keyes has been a Presidential aspirant for a number of years and now when shunned by the Republicans he switched allegiance to the Constitution Party.


A vote for Alan Keyes in 2008 would be as useful as a vote for any one of the three stooges!


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  1. Allen Keyes is a nice man!
    Allen Keyes is a very bright man, but he is a political fruitcake.

    He is simply a bad candidate.

    Running him against even a very average candidate is an election given away.

    Comment by Watch Dog | May 3, 2008 | Reply

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