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Rev. Jeremiah Wright is still Wrong!

I was asked by several people to give my feelings about Obama’s speech today. I watched the entire speech. I did not see or hear any news comments on it as of this writing:

The man is an accomplished speaker, uses the right kind of words and has the “triggers” at the correct places. However, he: 

    1)  Spoke more about defending Wright than condemning him and/or his words. He did acknowledge that he WAS in the church at times and heard the controversial comments made by Wright. He now denounces that commentary but in a way later on in the speech he condoned it.

    2)  Spoke more about black rights and their move upward than about acceptance by whites than acceptance of whites

    3)  It seemed he forgot, at least with many of the white people I knew in business, that white people are happy to see blacks move up, work hard, get an education and succeed, many of my best employees were black.

    4)  Had many of what I would consider borderline racial comments and conclusions

5)  The speech, for a non-campaign type speech, sure had a few shots at McCain, Clinton and the Conservative media, talk show hosts and conservative population in general, espoecially toward the end.

 I could go on but in conclusion I will say he made a good speech.

He didn’t offer anything to solve the problem other than the usual rhetoric and I do not think the Rev. Wright situation nor will the Rezko situation go away.

I also still say that while I believe Ferraro was wrong in the way she either said or was interpreted, I believe she is correct. His position, his celebrity, his success in the campaign thus far IS because he is black! He pulls the great majority of black voters away from Clinton (I would expect that), he gathers support from white liberals who are trying to take the edge off their own negative racial beliefs and he energizes the young, inexperienced and possibly first time voter. Add all that to the general dislike that people have always voited for Hillary Clinton and you have a front runner who is Barack Obama!


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  1. Obama has no legislative accomplishments. It is obvious people are only voting for him because he is either young or black ro both. He is lying about what he knows about his pastor. After 20 years, you really do know someone.

    His pastor generalizes about perceived injuries due to a small group to everyone in America. White people in America tend to be very fair, and compassionate toward anyone in need. Wright slanders the USA and claims he belongs to Africa, not here. Well, then let him move back to Africa, if he thinks he can have a better life there. No one is keeping him here.

    Wrights comments remind me of extreme Islamist anti-semitic propaganda used against the USA to bring it down, as well as incite hatred against Israel. My impression is that Wright is an ignorant, racist tool in the hands of the terrorists.


    Comment by Marianne | March 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Barack Obama gave a very good speech on race relations.

    If race was the central issue in America today, it might have worked. Unfortunately, for Mr. Obama, that’s not the case.

    Woven within the speech, and throughout his campaign, is the standard, simplistic subtext of economic class warfare that has come to embody the Democratic party in the first quarter of the 21st century.

    Obama bemoans how “black anger” and “white resentments” have “distracted attention from the real culprits of the middle class squeeze…” he then turns quickly to the standard boogeyman of liberalism: corporate America.

    We are told that the “real problem” facing America is that “the corporation you work for will ship it (your job) overseas for nothing more than a profit.”

    Well, really now… how would Mr. Obama suggest that companies remain in America without making a profit?

    Maybe an intelligent, honest discussion of how excessive regulation, high taxes, protectionism and a ludicrous litigation system have made it difficult for American companies to compete on the world market is in order.

    It would be nice if Mr. Obama were to tackle that as his next policy speech. Don’t hold your breath.

    Old Elephant (http://oldelephant.wordpress.com/)

    Comment by oldelephant | March 19, 2008 | Reply

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