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Obama’s Change Program

These are part of his “CHANGE” program.  

He has  advocated and/or has voted against:

·        Banning Partial Birth Abortion

·        Wants to legalize Marijuana

·        Is against parental notification of out of state abortions for teens

·        He is the MOST LIBERAL Senator according to National Review

·        As far as his “reaching across the aisle”- he voted Democratic Party  lines 96% of the time

·        Wants to increase YOUR social security taxes

·        Favors ability to sue gun manufacturers

·        Wants to give illegal aliens social security, welfare money, drivers licenses and voted for comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty).

There are many more points and I will be bringing them out in the near future to inform you exactly what issues this man thinks are MOST important and what his being elected will do to or for you.



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