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Obama gets some negative Press !!!

CBS’ Dean Reynolds: “From votes for abortion rights, to lessening penalties for marijuana use, to raising doubts about capital punishment, Obama is a traditional liberal.”

State Sen. Bill Brady (R-IL): “I can’t think of a tax increase that he didn’t embrace


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    You know if you want to be pro war, and pro violence it might be more gratifying to just become a serial killer, or have you already started that project?

    Get real, with the war on terror the joke is on those who follow. If you belive, you don’t get anything positive out of it because it makes you think about it, it makes you think about terror, which inturn causes more terror and more war. The very thought of what you don’t want to happen, attracts that thing to happen.

    You ever hear about people who are the victim over and over, its because they’re thinking about how much they don’t want to be attacked, that causes their brain, to create a chemical that attracts an attacker. Animals and man can sense this and it happens. This is biological, not by chance.

    You should rent and watch a video called “what the bleep do we know?” Its about Quantum Physics. then you can see how insignificant all our so called “problems” are.

    to summarize the actuality of our existance “we are nothing more than waves of energy better catagorized as waves of possibilities”. Our concious minds create our world and my concious mind and the collective group of positive thinkers are going to irradicate all this bush created fear crap.

    If you see something you want changed, Simply focus your mind & your will on it, and it will be. You could use your blog to get things done, right now you’re probably just reporting stuff you see & hear. But what if you invited your blog fans to focus their hearts & minds on fixing the problems you see. Its the concious mind that makes our world a reality. If you think about how you want things to be and focus your brain power on that, it will fix those problems.

    as for the republican psycho position, I hear staunch republicans complaining about how they don’t want to pay a single dollar towards helping others. I’m besides myself, have you ever traveled abroad, and needed help? Local people are likely to be your only source of help. What if all the local people just abandoned you i mean how would you feel?
    I mean, how bad could it really be, giving up a few extra dollars to help someone else afford surgery, or to pay for electricity etc..? since when did it feel bad to help in general? If you need money, you simply have to go make some more. Not everyone is going to be smart, and not everyone is going to do what they should. but that doesn’t mean we have to kill them by taking away public programs.

    Ya, so I’m not with green peace or anything, I did study a lot of martial arts and eastern philosophy but I wanted to see if I could wake you up. You seem to be quite tangled up in reporting the info we can get anywhere. What sets you apart from Fox news or the White House press room?

    Realize that most of the time, we are mere echos of ourselves, even me telling you about that video “what the bleep do we know?”

    I found your blog by searching for dirt on obama. I know there has to be some negative info on him, beyond the way he is going to vote. I like what he says but I want the real dirt. Know any place I can find it? email me I expect it considering the wisdom I just gave you for free.

    Comment by LEFT WING DOG | November 4, 2008 | Reply

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