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It’s McCain or We Slide Down the Liberal Slide to Ruin!!!

However, if those whose oppose this choice vote OTHER than McCain OR don’t vote President at all, it is them we blame for the liberal morons who will control Washington, the increased taxes and outlandish give-away programs, the crumble of the middle east and the resultant shortages of oil. It is them we will blame for the influx of illegals crossing our borders and sucking our public assistence and social ecurity dollars dry.

It is them we can blame for foreign affairs policies that make other countries laugh at us behind our backs and take advantage of us to our face. It is them we will blame for those who would take our money and use it for anti-American campaigns.

It is them we blame for mandatory sub-standard healthcare and liberal teachers who are only interested in furthering liberalism and collecting their payroll checks and it is them we blame for the burgeoning number of government workers who know nothing, do nothing and are nothing.

I hope the voters who choose this type of vote are ready and willing to shoulder the consequences of that vote!


I am a supporter of McCain for President

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  1. McCain is a poor excuse for a Republican. He has a life time conservative rating in the mid 90’s, but over the most recent 7 years his rating is below 60.

    But he does rate infinitely better on the appointment of Supreme Court Judges, the war, taxes, Nation Healthcare, and overall spending. If we can get him to pledge “No amnesty”, he becomes a must support guy.

    Amnesty give a huge block of illegals voting for Democrats in the future. Several think tanks are predicting 3,000,000 illegal votes in 2008.

    Odds are that if we get a Democrat in the White House, along with a 60 Democrat seats in the Senate, they will pass amnesty and Conservatives will never again win national election.

    Think about it!

    Comment by Watch Dog | February 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. hey i stumbled on your blog and i agree there is no way as conservatives we can let obama become president. to me it would be as handing the presidency to satan himself and watching the onslaught of moral decay rapin at an astonishing rate. hilary could have been tolerable. i think she gets a bad rap by republicans who loosely follow politics because she has a bitch persona surrounding her, when all republicans should strongly be focusing on obama. sitting in a church for 20 years were the pastor was a racist isnt the big problem, its when the church u go to teaches black liberation theology. the name alone tells u what they would be preaching. listening to obamas answers on israel in debates scare me to death or seeing his voting stance on the 2nd amendment. he always preaches change and is just like every other liberal an thinks america is the worst country in the world. i would love to know how he plans to change the usa because all i ever hear is the word change from him, not how he plans on doing it. i truly feel the majority of obama supporters dont truly know what he believes except he is a young, well spoken, carasmatic black guy that looks like he could do well for the liberals. the scary thing is that i think he can change things for the worst. only a rise in the future by conservatives could change this outcome. this is the only reason to like obama because i think this could bring a rise out of conservatives whether it is 4 or 30 years from now. conservates dont need to stand for this. if only the south won the civil war(excluding the slavery part) what a better place the usa could possibly be. we will always be on the bottom if the liberal media and the world continues to go as is. im not implying war or killing or anything but a step in the spirit of those southern roots. conservativs dont do enough including myself, but a lot of boycotts, etc with the help of a mass amount of conservatives can. what are we going to do when liberalism gets worse and worse and guns are outlawed, gays have the same rights as same sex married couples in evey state, or gas prices are 10 dollars a gallon because we dont want to mess up a scenic habitat of snow an ice plains. i have a hard time seeing conseratives stand for this type of changes exspecially in southern staes. lets dont be republicans but people with morals and consevative thought process. thanks for letting me get my frustration out a little bit. also keith olberman, michael moore, and liberal media as a whole can all kiss my ass

    Comment by david j | June 13, 2008 | Reply

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