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Senator Edward Moore Kennedy endorses Barack Obama , everyone EXCITED!!

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for President. Everyone is excited because he is the last of the Kennedy boys. The head of the Kennedy political dynasty. Along with Edward aka Teddy, two other Kennedy family members also endorsed Obama. They were Patrick Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy.

Let’s focus on Teddy for this piece. I can’t see why anyone would be excited about his endorsement. His endorsement in 2000 of Al Bore may have been the kiss of death for Bore’s failed campaign. In his own campaign in 1980 he was beaten by a margin of 2 to 1 by none other than that stellar example of a President “Jimmah Cartah”. When he was in college, he was kicked out of Harvard for CHEATING. After a campaign interview in 1980 Roger Mudd said of Kennedy “he is a bumbling, incoherent person who is less than honest about the marriage and the Chappaquiddick incident”. That incident  is where he drove off a bridge and left the girl in the car with him to drown! This man belongs in prison and if he were anyone else but a Kennedy, he would be there for life.

It simply amazes me that any candidate would want his endorsement or for that matter anything to do with him. He is the personification of a loser. He has been a Senator for Massachusetts for 9 six year terms (54 years at the end of his current term). It’s beyond me how the People keep re-electing him over and over again. He is 76 years old and has been involved in so many scandals he makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy! 

If voters bother to look,  Kennedy is probably most liberal Senator we have.

Senator Obama, good luck with this one!


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  1. It does not say much for the people of Massachusetts that they keep reelecting such a fine example of everything that is wrong with politics. It does say that Obama is all talk when it comes to being an agent of change and ready to kiss up to the good old boy network to get where he wants to go. But then that is no secret, anyone that steps in to the seat of POTUS still has to work with the well ingrained good old boy network in Washington DC.

    Comment by thescoundrel | January 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ron Paul is endorsed by the Nat’l Taxpayers Union. Only Republican/ candidate not increasing gov’t spending, but reducing it!

    Comment by Rich Jones | February 2, 2008 | Reply

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