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Nanacy Pelosi on HER first year as Speaker of The House, The 2nd in Series

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

One Year in Charge of Congress


In speaking about the first year of the Democrats in control of Congress, Nancy Pelosi who was chosen Speaker of The House of Representatives answered some questions about the happenings in her initial year in office. This is the second in a series where the answers to the questions are hers and the comments are mine.

She was asked about the infighting in the last year between the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and if she felt that is why there was such a Congressional “deadlock”. Can the two parties get along?

Her answer was “that almost 75% on the Democrat agenda in the House was passed with broad bipartisan support. It’s critical to outline where the differences are, but I live by the adage that we will find common ground where we can and we will stand our ground where we cannot”. (In other words, THEY will not cooperate but expect the Republicans to consent to do so)

The agenda that the Democrats publicized when elected would be passed in the first 100 hours has not for the most part come to fruition. First, let me say that the “first 100 hours” is NOT 100 hours as you and I know it, it is 100 Congressional hours or probably 3 or 4 weeks.

One of the big- issues was pay as you go spending or if you spent money it was to be offset with a similar spending cut. Earmarks were to go away. In reality the earmarks have not gone away and possibly they have increased in number and dollar amount. In a previous article I noted that Hillary Clinton was the earmark queen with $500 million worth requested at year end 2007. Some of the most flagrant abusers of earmarks according to Concerned Citizens Against Government Waste are current Presidential candidates such as Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Kucinich and even Edwards when he was a Senator. 

In Pelosi’s own House of Representatives, CCAGW has labeled the following 8 Democrats as “Porkers” in 2007: Peterson, Minn., Farr, Ca. Murtha, Pa., Baucus, Mont., Feinstein, Ca., Oberstar, Minn., Clyburn, S.C., and Lincoln, Ark. There were 2 Republicans named and 2 House Subcommittees as well. CCAGW defines their label of “Porker” as one who willfully neglects proper use of tax monies and sheer arrogance of their conduct. I guess this is evidence that Nancy Pelosi’s “pay as you go” policy and her elimination of earmarks mean absolutely nothing when it comes to application by fellow Democrats.

Of the 75% of the Democratic agenda bills that she claimed were passed with “broad bi-partisan support”, many were changed or diluted so the Republicans would vote for them. Then they went to the Senate where the Democrats did not have the 60 votes needed to pass a bill in most cases. Here they were again modified and if passed sent to the President who, in many cases either simply did not sign the bill or he vetoed it. I would ask the question of Ms. Pelosi; Of the 75% of the bills that you claim passed with “broad bi-partisan support”, how many ACTUALLY became law?


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  1. Please do not vote for the Windfall Tax, I am a Democrat but after reading what you want to pass, I am scared where this country is going I have been trying to save for retirmente for over 25 years and ny husband 30 years and working very hard to do that. You may be safe as a government employee with government benefits but I am not.I had to work hard, and you want to make illegals have more benefits and the poor, I have worked two jobs at a time to get where I am and do not appreciate you wanting to giveeveryone a break except the people who have saved and scarificed. You feel we should have to take care of them becuase they did not work hard enough to get to have more. When you are wanting to give even gang members my money so they can live better and illegals.My ancestors came here with nothing, obeyed the Americans rules, worked hard became a citizen and were proud, to become a American.
    Do you think most illegals care abount America or what we stand for No, Nor will they hold up the American Flag and be proud,they have even burned it.
    Let us go back to the way America use to be, think first about what will happen to our children, grandchildren if we continue this path. Be like most countries, we have to start thinking about America first. Our schools, our heath system , our government in the towns are going bankrupt because we give illegals health care, free educations etc. and yet I have to find a way to pay for my health care and my Sons education.Our Health Insurance is high from giving everything for free not because of Doctors charging high fees, as a matter of fact Doctors to me are underpaid for what they do, saving lifes, yet every lobbybist is Washington wants to cut what Doctors make, and most of the politicians are Layers who do not back the Medical profession and if you go to most other world countries you will see we have the best Health Care System.Do you think I can go to Mexico and get Free Health Care or Education for Free like you propose we should be doing,This would not happen in any other country, yet you think we should continue to provide this. I think also I do not want to hear how the illegals are taking jobs we do not want. we do not have enough jobs for us because of the American Citizen cannot find work today as they wer able to years before.
    Think about what you want to do. This is a very serious proposal.I want to hear from you as a fellow Democrat. I am very scared for our County and how we have become almost a underdog. I am losing my Job in November to outsourcing.

    Comment by Katsamakis,Christine | August 4, 2008 | Reply

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