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Did you forget January 20, 2001? I hope not!

Does the date January 20, 2001 mean anything to you? It should! It is the date the Marc Rich received his pardon from The United States of America.

Does the name Marc Rich mean anything to you? It should! He is the man who was convicted of evading $48 million in taxes owed to the United States of America. In addition he was known to have been actively involved in a trading business with the terrorist rulers of Iran, Libya and Cuba against the express rules of The United States of America. He is an extremely wealthy man who gained his fortune by cheating, lying, stealing and fraud. He was actually on the FBI’s list of most wanted international fugitives. You see when he got in trouble here, he left for Europe and having as much money as he did, had houses all over the world. He lived in Switzerland where he could not be extradited from.How did he convince those in The United States of America to grant the pardon? It was easy, he found a person who was willing to ignore the law, who was not beyond taking money (lots of money in this case) who was known to lie incessantly, at times for no reason at all and whose entire life was almost a fraud.

I imagine that you would like to know who the person was that was ready, oh so willing and able to grant the pardon. It was President William Jefferson Clinton and he did the unspeakable deed just before leaving office.Marc Rich paid for the pardon. He contacted influential people around the world but mainly in Israel and asked for, paid for help to contact Clinton to arrange for the pardon. He saw to it that the Clinton Library received large donation. Through his ex-wife, Denise Rich, he spread even more money around the Clinton’s. Hillary’s campaign for the Senate received a large donation. Denise Rich donated furniture to the Clinton’s new house in New York. Denise Rich was rumored to have had a “special relationship” with  Bill Clinton, one of his  “women”. Those in the know said they had slept together more than once.

In a strange coincidence, the head prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office that got the conviction against Marc Rich was none other than – Rudy Giuliani. He was dumbfounded when he heard about the pardon.

When I realized that the date had completely slipped by without any notice or comment.  I saw nothing at all in the press in the newspapers or on television; I knew I had to remind everyone of this important date in history. The day that March Rich and The Clinton’s screwed the United State of America!

To top off the egregious actions of Bill Clinton and the self-righteous attitude that Marc Rich had after receiving the pardon he bought and paid for (he had the chutzpah to claim HE was wronged and should not have been convicted) the Congress did not even look into the way in which Bill Clinton doled out parson as if he was passing out candy on Halloween.

I hope you will remember January 20, 2001 now and how Marc Ric and The Clinton’s stuck it to America.


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Nancy Pelosi on HER first year as Speaker of The House!

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

One Year in Charge of Congress

In speaking about the first year of the Democrats in control of Congress, Nancy Pelosi who was chosen Speaker of The House of Representatives answered some questions about the happenings in her initial year in office.

When asked what she considered to be her greatest achievement in office in 2007 she responded as follows:I believe it was the energy security bill. Congress has finally increased the fuel-economy standards for motor vehicles. This alone could save drivers as much as $1000.00 per year and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Let’s look at that for a moment:

The operative word COULD, makes the saving of $1000.00 per year on fuel costs questionable. It also leaves questions on how much fuel would be saved and therefore the reduction of dependence on foreign oil is an unknown as well.

What was not addressed was the cost per vehicle increase to allow manufacturers to comply with the new governmental regulations. While this is an unknown, we know it will be passed on to the consumer. WHERE IS THE SAVINGS HERE?

In addition the mandate in the energy bill that incandesant light bulbs are phased out beginning in 2012 and continuing to include all bulbs by 2014. The new bulbs are the “cork screw” type fluorescent bulb that are supposed to be an energy saving alternative. It is touted to last longer and save electric use dollars. Well, I certainly hope it does save users some money because the cost to purchase the new money/energy “saving” bulb in the stores in my area is around $3.00 to $4.00 per bulb. Immediately next to those bulbs are the incandesant bulbs of comparable lighting size that we have used for years at a cost of 2 for a $1.00.

I had purchased several of these new bulbs last summer and replaced perfectly serviceable bulbs with them to see how they worked out. In my opinion the lighting quality was less (causing eye strain) and for a fact instead of lasting for the number of hours stated on the package, they burned out in a matter of months as opposed to the incandesant bulbs in the same sockets that were used for the same length of “lighting time” that would last over a year. WHERE IS THE SAVINGS HERE? In other words, her greatest achievement in office was to pass legislation that will ultimately cost the American public more money and enrich the manufactures bank accounts. I did not touch on the increased governmental tax collections due to increased costs.

There is more to come,this is the first in a series. The answers are hers and the comments are mine.


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