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The following is a commentary blog from ALEC BALDWIN on Huffington Post:

“What a glorious day to see Al Gore accept his Nobel medal and diploma in Oslo. The man once elected president of this great country, only to be turned out of office by dangerous Bush political operatives such as James Baker, myopic and cowardly Supreme Court justices, such as Sandra Day O’Connor and thugs posing as election officials on the payroll of Florida’s governor, Jeb Bush.”


“Al Gore today takes his place as a true global leader. Through his important work, he demonstrates the insight and determination that was the measure of political courage yesterday, is so today and will be tomorrow. It is the necessary force for change that has constituted great political movements in this and other nations throughout human history. It is the essential combination of character and inspiration that we require in difficult times. Those qualities have typically resided in the one individual who can turn the guts, wealth and ingenuity of the USA into solutions for the world’s problems. Today they reside in Nobel Prize winer Albert Gore. They used to reside in one that we call the President of the United States. ”

  • What planet is this MORON Baldwin from?
  • Where did he learn about respect?
  • He has forgotten HIS OWN promise and therefore has lied to The American people. His promise was, If George W. Bush was elected President, he would leave the United States. Well, he is still here, he lied, too bad for us!
  • He says Al Bore is a global leader in global warming. What about the scientists that dispute the glogal warming lies? What are they?
  • When is Baldwin and the rest of the Al Bore apologists going to say enough! We know that GWB was elected to the Presidency NOT Al Bore?
  • Al Bore has never done anything noteworthy, what political courage? 


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  1. Al Gore has made an enormous difference in the way the public thinks about global climate change. Are you so stupid as to still believe that global warming is a hoax? Who benefits from this alleged hoax? Don’t you think it more likely that the myopic GOP morons might be trying to save a few bucks for their millionaire friends by denying the FACTS?

    Alec Baldwin may be a whining idiot but what does that have to do with Gore and climate change? You’re grasping at straws and are obviously a fool.

    Comment by idiothater | December 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. Ah yes, another who has been taken in by the left wing . Who benefits fron what you term “this alleged hoax” you ask, Al Gore benefits, the various companies that have sprung up based upon “greening America” Those companies that refine coal or oil to eliminate the “bad” emissions. You mention nothing about the argument from the credible scientists who oppose the global warming theory and the studies available that prove their beliefs.

    Please notice that I have not called you one name as I believe that you have only been lead astray and will soon see the RIGHT way of looking at global warming. There is one other thing that I will correct you on and that is there are more millionaire liberals than millionaire’s in the GOP.
    As far as Alec Baldwin goes, we both have already wasted more time and bandwith than he is worth discussing.

    I thank you for you comment and for reading my blog!


    Comment by rightwingdog | December 20, 2007 | Reply

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