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Respect for the Office of President!

I ran across this column in a syndicated newspaper today and I was so impressed with the writing at the content I had to send it to as many people as possible. I emailed the author for permission to put it on my BLOGS. He said it would be OK. It will also appear on my other blogs as well. I hope you are as impressed as I was.    

Respect for the Office of President

To my memory, it began in earnest on August 9th, 1974. That was the day President Richard Nixon ascended the stairs of the government helicopter parked on the White House lawn and was shuttled off to private life. It is one of those iconographic images: the president–both arms extended in his signature victory salute.

Yet is was no victory, the American president had become chum in the shark infested waters of the national media, and we the citizenry had developed an insatiable taste for blood.    

Some 27 years later a scandal of a more intimate nature followed President Clinton from office, and as we gear up for another presidential election I am left with a lingering question from the Clinton era:  How is it that anyone, male of female, gained unrestricted, unmonitored access to the leader of the Western world within the confines of the oval office? Along with the obvious moral failure, there was an even greater security failure, a shot fired not across the bow of the American Presidency, but clear through the walls of the oval office.   

It is my view that the Office of the American President is ultimately more important than who may occupy the seat of the president at any given time. And further that the protection of that office is one of the most vital security functions of our nation. It is not coincidental that while we were obsessing over the details of the Clinton debacle, our current shadowy enemy was engaging in their strategic plan to bring the war and indeed the rest of the world to our doorstep.   

To restore and protect the integrity of the Office of the American President requires that our citizens accept that we do not have an inalienable right to know all there is to know about the president.  We need to relinquish our desire to know every misstep, every indiscretion, every flubbed line in a speech. That our need to know ends where our national security begins.   

Our current field of primary candidates should realize that the Office they seek to occupy is more important than any of them will ever be: That the place to which they desire to ascend is sacred American space and the epicenter of American power and will.   

All I ask of any president is that she or he be a person of integrity with a working knowledge of the world.  That they love the United States, and are willing to subjugate their own political aspirations for the sake of the office of which they are stewards.  

I want to know that the windows of the oval office are still blast-proof; that the red telephone still works. That the anti-aircraft installation on the roof is at the ready, and that Air force One is standing by. The Office of the American Presidency is to be both revered and feared by friend and foe around the globe. 

 Evan Goranson


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  1. I have followed the Clinton’s since their conception in 92. Why does the American people want this ‘trash in the Whitehouse? What is it about this corrupt couple that people need and support? I am a Canadian, these two are the most dishonest, corrupt people I have ever heard of. Many Countries expect a campaign and aPresident in America that will have some personal and global integrity. 9/11 was hatched in the ’90s on Clinton’s watch. His Security advisors, lawyers and wife bumbled their politics,tried to create a third party administration after election, lacked the honesty to ever run again. I think these two operate, not as a ‘couple (married) but as corrupt business partners. I am saddened that American women will put her in front of practicality, honesty and integrity just to have a woman in office. I guess America still lives in the dark ages where this important (to them) detail overshadows the rest of America and the other World powers.

    Comment by mare | December 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. Just came across this post after the Joe Wilson debacle and was looking for something about respecting the office. I am a die hard Democrat (albeit a more moderate one), but I couldn’t agree more with your well written statement. No matter who the President is, the office should always be respected. Thanks so much for stating this so eloquently!

    Comment by Hilliary | September 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. You are very welcome. I am a Conservative (not a very moderate one) but regardless of belief or party affiliation there are certain things that are indisputable and respect of the office over the man is one of those things.

    Thank You for Your Comment


    Comment by RightWingDog | September 14, 2009 | Reply

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