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Obama and Hillary Similar and Dangerous

I copied this this from a BLOG on the Net and as it is so well done, I wanted to post it here. See the end for proper credits. RWD

“Obama is attractive, very bright, and a graduate of my Alma Mater (Columbia) before going on to Harvard Law School, where he was Editor of the Law Review. Good credentials, as good as Hillary with Wellesley and Yale Law degrees.

They are, however direct descendents and acolytes of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago Marxist and revolutionary (Google him), have been consistent leftists, with perfect ADA voting records. They never met a tax they didn’t like, or a social problem they didnt seek to engineer with tax money,more federal programs,rules, regulations, restrictions. They love to tax the”rich” and redistribute wealth. They seek an accomodative, internationalist (read:weak)foreign policy,defending every Socialist government,favoring protectionism at home, and “talking” to our sworn enemies.
If that litany doesnt suggest a Radical Socialist, or worse, world view, favoring Big Government, High Taxes, Wealth Redistribution and supine foreign affairs, blaming America first,what does?
Our New Hampshire friend would be happy in Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea, where the leaders share his views.”                


I took this from a BLOG post by Dr. Herbert Rubin, M.D. on the International Herald Tribune blog. It explains better than I could ever hope to about how Obama and Hillary are similar and why they are dangerous.


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