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Those Dems, aren’t they something

Hillary has Emily’s list & Obama has Oprah.
Hillary has Spielberg & Obama has Clooney.

On and on it goes. Oprah trumps Emily’s list but Spielberg trumps Clooney.

What we are really talking about here is the making of a popularity contest not only of the candidates but of their supporters as well.

What happened to the issues?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Dennis Kucinich has both Sean Penn and Larry Flint in his corner. Out of the world is you ask me!

Isn’t that special? Sure makes me want to run out a vote for him right now. NOT!!


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Obama and Hillary Similar and Dangerous

I copied this this from a BLOG on the Net and as it is so well done, I wanted to post it here. See the end for proper credits. RWD

“Obama is attractive, very bright, and a graduate of my Alma Mater (Columbia) before going on to Harvard Law School, where he was Editor of the Law Review. Good credentials, as good as Hillary with Wellesley and Yale Law degrees.

They are, however direct descendents and acolytes of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago Marxist and revolutionary (Google him), have been consistent leftists, with perfect ADA voting records. They never met a tax they didn’t like, or a social problem they didnt seek to engineer with tax money,more federal programs,rules, regulations, restrictions. They love to tax the”rich” and redistribute wealth. They seek an accomodative, internationalist (read:weak)foreign policy,defending every Socialist government,favoring protectionism at home, and “talking” to our sworn enemies.
If that litany doesnt suggest a Radical Socialist, or worse, world view, favoring Big Government, High Taxes, Wealth Redistribution and supine foreign affairs, blaming America first,what does?
Our New Hampshire friend would be happy in Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea, where the leaders share his views.”                


I took this from a BLOG post by Dr. Herbert Rubin, M.D. on the International Herald Tribune blog. It explains better than I could ever hope to about how Obama and Hillary are similar and why they are dangerous.


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Maybe “part” of LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD is waking up!

Here are two seperate section taken from NEWSMAX that are important in that they say volumes about the way a BIG START feels about the liberal CRAP coming out of Hollywood and the way the movie going public feels about ANTI-WAR MOVIES that even Vatiety lables “BACKBENDING LIBERAL“!

Robert Redford acted like a politician when asked about the current presidential campaign during a recent interview with the Chicago Sun Times. In an era in which Hollywood stars toss out endorsements of Democratic candidates as easily as they give out advice on international diplomacy, Redford snubbed the Democrat presidential hopefuls — all of them. The guy who once starred in “The Candidate” and “All the President’s Men” said that he may be engaged in the current political scene but “engagement is different than backing a candidate when you don’t think there’s anybody out there.” When the liberal Sundance Kid publicly states that he doesn’t think “there’s anybody out there,” he’s blowing Hollywood air disses at Hillary, Obama, Edwards, and even E.T.’s bud Dennis Kucinich. Tom Cruise’s “Lions for Lambs,” which Variety labeled “backbendingly liberal,” tanked, taking in a meager $6.5 million despite its additional big-name stars Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. The anti-war movie directed by Redford placed fourth in box-office revenue and was savaged by critics, achieving a miserable 27 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

When Hollywood tries to influence American opinions, sometimes they fin d out that IT’S NOT NICE TO FOOL WITH AMERICAN VALUES!


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When Experience Counts….

When Experience Counts…

It is interesting to note that while history shows that numerous Senators have tried to win the presidency (and still are), only two sitting U.S. Senators, each with 14 years of service as an elected official, ever attained that goal. They were Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy.

James Garfield was in a similar boat. He was a U.S. Congressman who was elected to the Senate in 1880 and he was also elected to the presidency the same year. He chose the presidency and was inaugurated on March 4, 1881. Unfortunately, he was shot on July 3, 1881 and died  two months later.

Could history be telling us something?


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Obama is Tanking – See below!

 The following may explain Obama’s attitude change. I think people have seen Obama and they are not sure they like what they see. He refuses to wear a FLAG PIN. He has been photographed not paying proper respect to the flag (verified in snopes.com) and most of all people have heard enogh of how great he is from himself. When he should be discsuuing issues, policies and positions: he is either talking about himself OR attacking another candidate. This poll shows he is going down hill as quickly as he rose!


Hillary Rodham Clinton is widening her lead over Barack Obama among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, according to the most recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Oct. 12-14.

The breakdown of the national poll,  has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 % points:


Hillary Clinton: 50%.

Barack Obama: 21%.

John Edwards: 13%.

Other Democratic candidates combined for 8%.



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Where is Barack Obama hiding???

Since the  Senate returned from its late summer break in August, Sen. Barack Obama has missed 80 per cent of the votes since the Senate returned to the Capitol in September. In doing so, he won a distinction that is his and his alone. He has missed more votes than any other presidential candidate in that period. He is the KING!

I have to assume that Senator Dick Durbin who pulls Obama’s strings has either dropped hold on them or he doesn’t want Obama in chambers.

The thing that is somewhat odd about Obama’s record of missed votes is that he is constanting riding other candidates about their missed votes when he is the king!

Then on Saturday Night Live, he was hiding behind a mask of himself. What a joke!

I can’t help but wonder what the people of Illinois who elected him as their Senator think about his less than stellar attendance record in protecting their interests!


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Obama is self-imploding this National Review article Says why!

I just have to share this quote with y’all. It’s content leaves nothing further to be said.

“When it comes to self-reflection, Barack Obama is an overachiever. At age 46, he has already written two memoirs when most people in public life — sometime at the end of their career — will be lucky to write one. So far, what Obama seems set to get out of his presidential campaign is yet another memoir — this one an agonized, deeply personal account of how his campaign went nowhere despite all the media hoopla, crowds, and fundraising. It turns out that voters aren’t as interested in Barack Obama as Barack Obama is…. The insular, self-obsessed campaign of her chief rival is one of the reasons Hillary Clinton has had as good a 90-day run as anyone in presidential politics in recent memory” — National Review editor Rich Lowry.

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