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Headlines read “Top Democrat Slams Limbaugh on Phony Soldier Comment”

What a load of CRAP! The soldiers that Rush was speaking about (read the transcript) were the ones that the Liberals drag before the media to bad mouth Bush and the war. He was making a point that the armed forces personnel that the Democrats use for media face time are not a true example. I got this from reading the CNN piece on the subject. I have not heard or read anything else. It’s common sense which is something Harry Reid does not have. Incidentally, when did Reid get to be such a “protector of the fighting men/women? He always votes against them. I am not exceptionally a lover of Rush but I am for truth and less distortion. Reid on the other hand, I feel is totally useless. He should be voted down in the next election and made to see if he can get along in the “real world” we live in. He has been at the public trough for way to long!


October 11, 2007 - Posted by | America, Congress, Democrat, Liberal Blog, Liberal Democrat, Political, POLITICS, Reid, Senator

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