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Ron Paul shows us nothing new in Iowa

Ron Paul didn’t suffer an embarrassment as some said, he IS an embarrassment!

9.1% is not much better than Tommy Thompson’s 7.8% and for Paul, IMHO, it was a real surprise. I didn’t think he would hit 5%. Put into perspective that Iowa is NOT the United States , it’s time he did a reality check. He should follow Thompson and pull out now. He is going nowhere. The fact that he can’t see his candidacy is a joke and he becoming a laughing stock everywhere but the Internet (I have seen zero Newspaper articles raving about how great or how bad he is and I live in a metropolitan area that has Millions more residents than Iowa). He has absolutely ZERO endorsements from fellow Representatives and Senators in D.C. If Ron Paul’s numbers increased at the rate they are currently increasing, he may be able to squeak into the top three for the election coming up in 2020, assuming there are no other candidates than now and after all was said and done there were only 3 running. This is nothing but an ego trip for him. Send him back to Texas and let him text message with Mike Gravel.


August 19, 2007 - Posted by | 2008 Election, POLITICS, Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul


  1. “He has absolutely ZERO endorsements from fellow Representatives and Senators in D.C.”

    Wow I just looked this up and it appears to be correct. Since I would be loathe to vote for any canidate that was endorsed by such a scum-bag criminal pro statist organization as congress I am now very relieved that I planned on voting for paul. Thanks for letting me know I made the right choice.

    Comment by Raymond | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. No intelligent information here. More on people!!!

    Comment by Steven | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  3. If Ron Paul’s numbers increased at the rate they are currently increasing, he may be able to squeak into the top three for the election coming up in 2020

    According to the polls I’ve been tracking, Ron Paul had 1% in May, 2% in June, and the 9% he received in Iowa this month indicates a doubling every month. At the current rate of growth, he will be the front-runner by October of this year.

    I don’t expect the current geometric rate of growth to be sustained, but the point is, it is clearly much faster than what you indicate.

    Comment by Joe Schembrie | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  4. OMG, do you live under a rock? Have you read ANY of Ron Paul’s positions? Of course there are ZERO endorsements from the current politicians and the big corporations (mainstream media). They have the most to lose from a Ron Paul win as the “free” money from the government (umm, your money, really) will be seriously looked at. Just think, no more special interest groups, no more PAC’s, no more free rides for those in power. They’ll actually have to EARN there way and be RESPONSIBLE for their actions.

    Do you really think that what’s reported by the mainstream media is “all there is”? No way, they hide the truth so that the real workings of the country can go on without notice.

    Do me a favor and look up 20-80 society and Globalization. This is a real position taken by those in power and, if you do your homework, you’ll see that we’re well on our way! Socialism, tittytainment – both here today.

    So, no. You won’t hear about Ron Paul from any of the current players because they LIKE being in power and manipulating the masses. They will lose, personally, big time if Ron Paul wins. Man, I hope the Revolution is successful because we really need it…

    Comment by KS | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. chuckle…good one

    Comment by criminyjicket | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  6. Who is Ron Paul?

    Comment by coollikeme | August 19, 2007 | Reply

  7. Shame on you, for the sake of our Republic right-wing dog, you should be pushing to have Ron Paul on the online GOP ballot. If he loses, it’s fair and square, if he wins, he wins.

    Look at the father of conservatism, Barry Goldwater, his son endorses Ron Paul. Ron Paul endorsed Ronald Reagan and vica verca. One of the only issues they had beef with eachother was the ‘war on drugs’.

    Ron Paul, however, is a REAL CONSERVATIVE Republican. You claim he’s a RINO, but then why is he personally pro-life and pro-gun? but if you look at the rest of the GOP’s, there are more candidates closer to a RINO than he is! So why are THEY on the online ballot, and he isn’t?

    Take a good look at our party RWD, our party is dying, we have a President that RAN on a smaller government and no nation building and he did the opposite. THAT’S a RINO!

    But no, the Democrats have taken over our country and we’re going to head toward more socialism and something resembling COMMUNISM! Where is the liberty, where are the STATES RIGHTS?

    If that Liberal idiot Giuliani (Pro Gun Control and Pro Amnesty) can be on that ballot, so can Ron Paul (Pro 2nd Amendment and Pro Sovereignty)

    You, of all people, should make a stand and say to the GOP:

    NO! This is WRONG!

    I have.

    Comment by soulmantim | September 15, 2007 | Reply

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