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Obama needs to look at Obama!

I was given the idea for this article by a friend whose BLOG name is mommacat. It is a sensitive subject that needs questioning and answers. Liberals espouse government will take care of everything for you. That being true, a situation such as this, simply brought on by neglect of parental responsibility, could be looked at as reason for censorship.  

What I don’t understand is this…Why was she allowed to see it!? Why was a six-year-old even watching news coverage of the Obama Girl?  

Obama stated…  “I guess it’s too much to ask, but you do wish people would think about what impact their actions have on kids and families,”  

Is it to much to ask that the Obama’s take that responsibility and monitor what their children are listening to and watching? Since he is in the public eye, you’d think that these two loving parents would be extremely sensitive as to what their children are able to see. Why isn’t Obama taking responsibility for parenting his children?  

I mean, it’s bad enough that While the Senator has been busy with book tours, vacations,  and the Presidential campaign, he’s neglected his duties as an Active Senator of the State of Illinois, but are we to understand that he wants “The People” or “The Nation” to baby-sit  and censor real life and the real world for him in his absence from his role as a Father, and Mrs. Obama’s role as Mother, so that he and the Mrs. can continue to campaign for  the Presidency? Maybe this is a sign that he simply cannot handle the responsibility! If he cannot even shield his young daughter from the evils of  what is playing on Youtube, can we expect him to protect and lead this country!? I think not!


“I guess it’s too much to ask Senator Obama, but PARENTS should think about what impact THEIR actions have on THEIR kids and families,”




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Ron Paul shows us nothing new in Iowa

Ron Paul didn’t suffer an embarrassment as some said, he IS an embarrassment!

9.1% is not much better than Tommy Thompson’s 7.8% and for Paul, IMHO, it was a real surprise. I didn’t think he would hit 5%. Put into perspective that Iowa is NOT the United States , it’s time he did a reality check. He should follow Thompson and pull out now. He is going nowhere. The fact that he can’t see his candidacy is a joke and he becoming a laughing stock everywhere but the Internet (I have seen zero Newspaper articles raving about how great or how bad he is and I live in a metropolitan area that has Millions more residents than Iowa). He has absolutely ZERO endorsements from fellow Representatives and Senators in D.C. If Ron Paul’s numbers increased at the rate they are currently increasing, he may be able to squeak into the top three for the election coming up in 2020, assuming there are no other candidates than now and after all was said and done there were only 3 running. This is nothing but an ego trip for him. Send him back to Texas and let him text message with Mike Gravel.


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