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Democrats against Delinquent Tax Recovery

The following is an article from Wall Street showing that Pelosi’s Congress is dead set against recovery of delinquent taxes owed to the Government. This is your money they are ignoring. They will tax you more because this has not been collected. I know, their comeback is “we will have our own governmental resources collect it and not have to pay out a percentage”. HUMBUG! The “governmental resources” are staffed with liberal know nothings/do nothings that are their to fill chairs for the votes they gave to party stalwarts. They know nothing about debt collection and don’t want to. They have no incentive to learn as they collect their salaries paid by you and I without need for any merit. Their jobs are protected by their “Clout” to use a word taken from Chicago politics!

The private collection industry is ready, willing and able to go out and collect these delinquent monies owed to the Government and they would do it at a fee that is competitive with industry standards. Think of it this way: They do not get paid unless they collect! They only get paid a percentage on what they collect! Their service does not cost money, it creates money. I would urge you to contact your Congressperson and tell them you want this refusal to use private collection firms stopped and put a program together on a fast track to get delinquent government accounts into the hands of private collection firms to start brininging in dollars to offset the debt the Democrats keep screaming about. Of course, if this is done, the Democrats will lose one section of their voter base, that of the DEADBEAT POPULATION!

Here is the WSJ article:

WallStreet Journal
Private Tax-Collection Ban Advances
Thursday July 19, 2:29 am ET
By Rob Wells

A House committee renewed efforts to kill an Internal Revenue Service program that uses private collection agencies to pursue tax debts.The House Ways and Means Committee voted 23-18 yesterday to bar the IRS from entering any new contract with private tax collection agencies. The IRS’s two existing private collection contracts expire in March 2008.

IRS officials said they have brought in an estimated $20 million so far under the contract’s first phase, which began in September, and are projected to bring in as much as $2.2 billion over the next decade.

Democrats argue IRS workers can do the same job cheaper. “The private debt collection program is an insult to the American taxpayer and our federal tax system,” said Rep. John Lewis (D., Ga.). Republicans have been more supportive.

Last year, the full House, under Republican control, approved a similar ban, but the outlook in Congress this year is unclear, particularly in the Senate. A key obstacle is its impact on the budget. The bill would reduce federal tax revenue by $1.1 billion over the next decade. The House bill offsets this with tax increases on U.S. citizens who moved abroad to avoid taxes and by increasing tax penalties, but that has brought opposition from antitax activists.

Write to Rob Wells at rob.wells@dowjones.com

The Democrats say private tax collection is an insult to the taxpayer and tax system! I say it is only an insult to the NON-TAXPAYER and the Democratic platform/agenda. Rep. Lewis (D-Ga.) is an embarrassment to his position as a Congressman.

If the Government is the U.S. was run in a manner resembling a business, this would be a non-issue.



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  1. Humm I wonder if this is where the government will start to tax the people with the 401K plans. Since Pelosi’s Congress is dead set against recovery of delinquent taxes owed to the Government. This is our money they are ignoring. Hold on to your wallet… When the Democrates get done taxing we all will be broke…

    Comment by Trish | July 25, 2007 | Reply

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