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Healthcare and Election 2008

Healthcare is and should be one of the top issues for the 2008 Election. However,  the voting public is not concerned with quality heathcare, they are not concerned with where the Doctors are coming from or even how all the wonderful things the candidates spout in their campaign promises are going to occur. They are concerned that THEY WON’T HAVE TO PAY! That is what they are being told and because FREE in this country tops all the rest, FREE is what they want.

The medical profession is not the high income, glamorous profession it once was. In fact, Doctors make less now than some teachers when you consider the NET SPENDABLE dollars. Many Doctors do their work because they LOVE IT!

This universal healthcare that the candidates bandy about is nothing but socialized medicine. We don’t need it, we don’t want it in America. The candidates would not go to one of the universal healthcare doctors, clinics or hospitals, they will not be good enough. The candidates, elected or not, will go to their “private medical delivery sources” and recieve top shelf care wnile the public gets less than adaquate care under unicersal healthcare. Don’t think for a minute that any President or Senator would accept anything but the best care for themselves and their families. That will not be so for John Q citizen. Eventually our healthcare delivery systems will deteriate to equal those in third world countries.



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