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The People Spoke and 53 Senators Listened of Course 46 Ignored us!

I was going to write about today’s victory of THE PEOPLE in the Senate and while cruising the Net, I ran across a great article on http://politicalbeachgirl.blogspot.com that says exactly what I wanted to say. Therefore, I will quote a portion of it here ( her words are in RED)as it expresses MY feelings to a T. Thank you BeachGirl.

“Ted Kennedy screamed out out national motto from the floor of the Senate yesterday, “From many one” and screamed that those of us who oppose S. 1639 stand against the very heart of “E Pluribus Unum!”

How tragically wrong and disingenuous he is!

We are patriots; we want reform; but we want that reform in the form of several separate and distinct bills of legislation that address the illegal aliens, the visa overstays, and the criminal and terrorist aliens regardless of what method of entry they used.

Americans, 80-85% of us, want legislation to address illegal aliens that has:

clear objectives;
clear, direct, and measurable guidelines for implementation; and
measurable goals to enhance Senate oversight.”

I would urge you all to visit her blog and read the entire article.

Make a mental note of those Senators that ignored us and when they again come up for election regardless of what office they may be seeking, show them you can ignore them as well and vote in their opponent!



June 28, 2007 - Posted by | America, Congress, immigration, POLITICS, Senator, Ted Kennedy

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