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Just Another Illinois Democrat Giveaway Program!


If you are a student with a “B” average or better and are illegally in The United States, Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval, a Chicago Democrat, has introduced a bill that would provide State backed low cost student loans that you could be eligible for to further your education. Please don’t misunderstand the reason is NOT to help the illegal immigrants to get an education but to make them beholden to the Democratic Party with the 2008 elections looming on the horizon. It’s business as usual in the State of Illinois with the Dems spending OUR tax money to get votes. 

What happens when the illegals get the loans that are backed by the State of Illinois and they go bad because the recipients are in jail, go back to where they should have stayed in the first place, or simply assume another identity to avoid payment (as those in the collection business know is all too commonplace)? The State pays the bank! Where does the state get the money? They get it from us in the form of reduced services and increased taxes. This is just WRONG! We are the CHUMPS once again.  I would suggest quickly writing, calling and emailing not only your own State Senators and Representatives but also ALL of them to make them aware of your displeasure on this ridiculous idea to further “pick your pockets”. Forget the Governor as he is brain dead and will approve anything raising taxes and or that will financially bury the State of Illinois. RWD

May 18, 2007 - Posted by | Chicago, Democrat, Illinois, Liberal Democrat, POLITICS

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