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I don’t get it! Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will not sit down with President Bush to write acceptable legislation for funding the troops but she will go to Syria to meet with a terrorist thug like Assad and now she is talking about going to Iran to meet with the radical half-wit that runs that country named Ahmadinejad. She has already broken the law, specifically The Logan Act, which states that The President and the President alone has the authority to conduct foreign policy and  which forbids any American — “without the authority of the United States”– to communicate with a foreign government with the intent of influencing that government’s actions in any disputes or controversies involving the United States. Ms. Pelosi has committed a felony when she violated the act and therefore should be tried and placed in a prison cell for a period of three years as prescribed by law. Is Ms. Pelosi so taken with her position as Speaker of The House that she thinks she can take over Presidential duties? Is she so blinded by Democratic ambition that she spoke an untruth about our strongest ally in the Mid East, Israel and embarrassed our country? Does she really think that opening any dialog with two of the most notorious terrorist thugs in the world will cause anything but having them laugh at her and the rest of the world laugh at the United States?

Wake up Grandma Pelosi and listen to the sounds of the real world BEFORE they lock you up!

Playing politics with the security of the United States is not something that the voters will tolerate and before long they will be screaming for your head!



April 13, 2007 - Posted by | Democrat, pelosi, POLITICS, Terrorism


  1. Bush is trying to be King.
    Democratic leaders are not sitting down with Bush because he won’t negotiate. No, Bush wants them to just pretend their constituents don’t exist and go back on their vote, without all the nasty bother of a veto.

    Playing politics with the security of the United States is not something that the voters will tolerate and before long they will be screaming for your head!

    Right on, see Bush’s approval rating and the Republican performance in November 2006 for reference.

    Comment by fitnessfortheoccasion | April 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. You want to talk approval ratings, look at the approval rating for Congress. It’s lower than GWB’s. The Democrats won by a hair in 2006 and I am not saying the Republicans did not deserve the beating they got, they did because they got lazy and relied on the laurels of 2004. That was a mistake. I do not agree with all GWB has done but he told Congress he would not sign a bill loaded with Democrat PORK and he said he would not sign a bill with withdrawal date certain. How is that HE won’t negotiate? The Democrats gave him exactly what he published he didn’t want. They are trying to manage the war. This will backfire on them wait and see.

    Now regarding the arrogance and ignorance of Grandma Pelosi. She does not belong in the position she is in and the Congress should take steps to remove her. She has been Speaker for 3 months and already made a major error that affects the security of both our Nationand Israel. This will not go away and she will bring down heat on the Democrat Party for her self important stupidity. The Syrians are laughing at her and us. I for one don’t like it one bit. Someone has to tell her to button her lip until they can vote her off the Speakers position.


    Comment by rightwingdog | April 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. I do want to talk approval ratings, because they are higher for congress.

    Bush won’t negotiate because he refuses to let the American people be heard on the war. He will not change course, period. That is refusing to negotiate. The Democrats will adjust funding/deadlines. That is agreeing to negotiate. This should all be quite simple.

    Pelosi has gotten Syria to start talking again. This makes us all safer. She did in a few days what the Bush administration has failed to do during its entire time in office. We should be thanking her. Not condemning her for even talking to Syria when we let Republicans do the same thing the same week.

    The only self important stupidity I see is the Bush administration making itself out to be the only voice of the American people while simultaneously ignoring our will.

    Comment by fitnessfortheoccasion | April 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. Well, I see we can agree to disagree on every point!

    GWB IS the Commander in Chief, Congress does not has authority to micro-manage wars! If no funds are authorized the deaths attributed to that action will be on the heads of REID and DURBIN and BIDEN and HAGEL (yes the Republican turncoat as well) PELOSI and their ilk. The voters will know and the Democrats will be where they belong, out of Washinton’s controlling powers. They not only put a withdrawal date provision (who ever heard of a war with an on and off switch) they added BILLIONS of DOLLARS in LIBERAL PORK, which they said in their campaigning lies they wouldn’t do.

    Congress wants to pull out with it’s tail between it’s legs as Johnson did and as Clinton did several times AND as GHWB did in the mid-east as well. It didn’t work then and it will not work now. It don’t work!

    Pelosi went to the mid-east and violated federal law. She is trying to act like the President and is putting out two foriegn policies for the World to see, the one from The United States and the one from Ms.Buttinski Pelosi. She put Israel and the U.S. in a dangerous position with one of her well practiced lies. She should be impeached and jailed.
    Talking to Syria would be like kissing a rattlesnake. What is she going to do for her next trick? Maybe play nicey-nice with Chavez, Castro or Ahmadinejad! Maybe give them help with their nuclear program as Clinton did with another enemy of the USA.

    Read the stories again, Republicans went to the mid-east the same week but did not enter into discourse with Syria, they did not tell Syria that Israel wanted peace talks and when the found out Pelosi’s agenda, they backed off and went home.

    I saw a cartoon that showed a picture of Pelosi getting off the plane in the U.S. and the caption was:
    It’s a good thing they didn’t capture her AND it’s a bad thing they they didn’t capture her!

    Islam wants us DEAD. I for one would rather fight on their soil than on ours.


    Comment by rightwingdog | April 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Ratings are a creation. Good ,bad or otherwise. Time will show the dangers of having a far left congress. They have a Communist agenda
    ( History shows that not Bush) and are filled with hate.The left didn’t win on ideas and certainly not their truth and moral standards. They won because the Republicans moved left, were spending like liberals and weren’t doing their job.
    The leftists in America keep blaming Bush…Bush Bad Bush Evil Bush Lies. The mantra of the the liberals.It has become so laughable. Meanwhile the Liberals in Congress are the liars and hypocrites. They have succeeded in creating the most awesome bait and switch ever. Demonize the right to the point of no return,then the left can say and do whatever … no one will question it. Example…Harry Reid voted against stem cell research then he went public and blammed those BAD Republicans for robbing women of the right to murder babies. Rangel calling for a draft yet he voted against his own bill. We won’t even go into the hypocrisy on Global Warming.
    So to the leftist readers of this site. Blame Bush all you want..(.remember you drank the KoolAid and You Must Hate Bush…if any clear thinking creeps into you brain,repeat loudly 10 times BLAME BUSH ) but truth be told Pelosi and her Commie Sons of the 60’s will be the guilty party for the lies and destruction of free America as we know it.

    Comment by Linda Bergin | April 22, 2007 | Reply

  6. Ms. Bergin:

    I couldn’t have witten it better myself.

    I just read today that Carville believes that Al Bore will run for the nomination and lose as it will be a toss-up between Hillary and Obama and that the winner there will take to Presidency. He does not mention Edwards at all?? He also thinks McCain will drop (I agree there as it appears he has imploded)and thinks that the Republicans need a fresh face and suggests Jeb Bush (what is HE thinking). We are not sure yet what REAL impact Fred Thompson OR even Newt Gingrich will have on the RIGHT side.

    I also read aboout the upheaval in Illinois that is being caused by the DEMOCRATS and their continual taxing. The Governor has proposed a GROSS RECEIPTS TAX that will cripple the business community and kill the consumers. The leader of the Senate just made it possible for the electric company to lift the rate cap and they say effectively double the electric bills of 1/2 of Illinois. If that isn’t a normal Democrat posture, I don’t know what is. The people do not realize that by doubling the utilities rates they also double the utilities tax they pay to the state.
    That’s what the voters of Illinois get. They voted in all DEMOCRATS and they will pay for it until they vote them out!


    Comment by rightwingdog | April 23, 2007 | Reply

  7. RWD, change some of the names and you could writing about New Jersey!
    It is too bad Duncan Hunter isn’t getting more press. I met him, heard him speak and listened to his PODCAST on GOPUSA-NJ. He is a true Conservative with a plan! The military members and Veterans alike are big for Hunter.

    Comment by Linda Bergin | April 23, 2007 | Reply

  8. Linda,
    Democrats won because the American people have begun waking up to the ugly truth of the Iraqi war, and because the Republican party has been exposed as corrupt liars. They won on the morals inherent in their views on a range of topics.

    Do not dare call them communist. If anyone has earned that title it is Bush, whose invasions into privacy, support for torture, and media manipulation has all brought the spectre of Soviet Russia to roost in our country.

    Finally, the idea that the Republicans have moved to the left is a fantasy. The reality is that radical conservatism always collapses in on itself. Just as it did during 2006, and just as it will during 2008.

    Life is about more than taxes. But I’d prefer a tax and spend liberal to a cut and spend conservative any day.

    Comment by fitnessfortheoccasion | April 23, 2007 | Reply

  9. fitnessfortheoccasion.
    you make your points from emotions and what is feed to you, not facts. The Iraq war and what is the ugly truth? You are reciting from the New York Times, CNN and the Daily KOS. What invasion into privacy? A system to ‘connect the dots’ of terrorism. That was the chant from the left “Bush didn’t connect the dots” Support of torture? do you mean the beheading of civilian reporters,the burning bodies of military members left charred hanging from a bridge, or the dragging of soldiers through the streets? civilians blown to bits on 9/11 or maybe the muder of 252 Marines as they sleep in their bunks in Beruit? The torture in Dafur or the Sudan? Villages of Christains being raped and slaughtered by Islamics? Maybe the U.N. BlueHelmets raping young girls in the Sudan? From the propaganda of BLAME BUSH you mean the ‘torture’ of Islamic Terrorists at AbuGrahiB. How sad for them.
    The Left are White Flag Communists and don’t threaten me with DO NOT DARE CALL THEM COMMUNISTS, I have and will continue to. There are LIES and you are swallowing them hook line and sinker, Read Communism 101 , you will see little difference in the Liberal Democrat Party and Stalin.

    Comment by Linda | April 24, 2007 | Reply

  10. RWD

    I need to make a correction on my post…It should read. What is FED to you. but feed is ok as in ..’.feed’ given to cows and pigs.
    But my correction is the number of Marines killed in their sleep by cowards known as Terrorists. It was 241 Marines.
    more to follow…

    Comment by Linda | April 24, 2007 | Reply

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