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Rosie Leaving The View

Well, it seems that the public pressure has finally gotten through. The people who wrote/emailed/called the sponsors (I sent 30 emails to sponsors myself) explaining their outrage that this liberal jackass of a woman be allowed on a program that they sponsor and that she be allowed to verbally attack people, our government and make out like she knows everything when in fact she knows nothing. She has the gall to charge the Bush Administration with being the control behind the planes flying into the World Trade Center on 9/11. She even gave us an idea of just how “smart” she is by telling us that steel doesn’t melt and therefore the 9/11 disaster was an “inside job”. Do not believe for one moment that she is leaving because of a contract dispute regarding the length of her time on the show. She is leaving because she is a loudmouth who can’t get along in the real world and they dumped her. As I have stated in a previous post, the world will be better off if Rosie goes back in the closet and somebody bars the doors so she can’t get out.

Sorry Rosie but I will not miss you for one second when you are gone.

Thank You for giving up and thereby once again bringing integrity to The View!

Bye Rosie! Bye Rosie!

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Alec Baldwin rants at an 11 year old!

Seem to me that the entire world would be better off if Alec Baldwin would have lived up to his promise in 2004 that he was going to move to Europe if the Republicans won the election.

Sadly he lied and more sadly he is still here.

In the latest use of his mouth to assault someone, the victim was his own daughter. It seems as though she didn’t answer his phone calls or was not available to take them at a pre-arranged time to do so. After hearing the vile, rude and filthy way he spoke to her, I don’t blame her at all. A child needs two parents while growing up and I am sorry to say, this 11 year old girl would be better off without her ignorant, brow-beating, loudmouthed, egotistical, over-bearing, rude, brainless, poor excuse for a father.

Funny, but he talks to her in almost the same tone and vocabulary that he uses in his liberal based rants against President George W. Bush and the Republicans.

Another case of a Democratic entertainer who thinks they are of royalty and all should be their unquestioning loyal subjects. I am proud to say that I have never watched one of his shows and don’t intend to ever do so.


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Rampant Apathy!

Last Tuesday, I had the honor once again to serve as an election judge in the county in which I reside. The precinct, to which I was assigned,  had 690 registered voters. The poll doors were open from 6 am until 7 pm, we were required to be there from 5:15 am until 7:45 pm. The election itself was for several local village trustees and two school board referendums. The referendums themselves totaled bond issuance of $73 million dollars! Wow, that’s a lot of money. You would think that voters would be knocking at the poll doors on their way to work at 6 am and jamming the voting booths all day long. Well, let me tell you, nobody was there at 6 am and only 185 people in total voted that day out of 690 eligible voters. 5 of those people were election judges that were there. That means only 180 people thought enough of the process to get out of their easy chairs and vote. They were allowing their taxes to be increased because of the bond issues. They were allowing 3 trustees to be elected who will spend their tax money without giving voice to their choice. What a sad state. What rampant apathy. How completely asinine not to participate in one of our greatest freedoms, the freedom to vote our minds without question.

Those that did not vote, will, when their taxes are raised or something is allowed to be built in the village or a large purchase is made, be the first and the loudest complainers.  I believe that they have no voice in complaint as they had no voice in election.

26% of the registered voters took advantage of this right to vote.

Rampant Apathy!


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Will America stand up or ???

Islamic control grows in Minneapolis.  Americans bow to the Islamic Community.
 Islamics are using our rules, laws , tax payers dollars and political correctness against us. People cower as GOD and the TEN COMMANDMENTS are removed from the public square.  Yet these same cowering Americans rush to accommodate Muslims and their ‘ prayer needs’.
Foot basins ,no pork…what next ?

Will Allah and the Koran be forced upon us as we  watch our Jewish and Christian practices become illegal or obsolete ?

Is college using a double standard on ‘entanglement’ with religion?
Cultural clashes involving Islam have recently made headlines in Minnesota. At the airport, some Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport passengers carrying alcohol; at Target stores, some Muslim cashiers won’t scan pork products
.  (  these  same drivers wouldn’t allow passengers with seeing eye dogs in their taxis.   Are box cutters permitted? )

 Now there’s a new point of friction: Minneapolis Community and Technical College.Its officials say the college, a public institution, has a strict policy of not promoting religion or favoring one religion over another. “The Constitution prevents us from doing this in any form,” says Dianna Cusick, director of legal affairs. But that seems to depend on your religion. Where Christianity is concerned, the college goes to great lengths to avoid any hint of what the courts call “entanglement” or support of the church. Yet the college is planning to install facilities for Muslims to use in preparing for daily prayers, an apparent first at a public institution in Minnesota. Separation of church and state is clearest at the college during the Christmas season.
 A memo from Cusick and President Phil Davis, dated Nov. 28, 2006, exhorted supervisors to banish any public display of holiday cheer: “As we head into the holiday season … “all public offices and areas should refrain from displays that may represent to our students, employees or the public that the college is promoting any particular religion.”
Departments considering sending out holiday cards, the memo added, should avoid cards “that appear to promote any particular religious holiday.” Last year, college authorities caught one rule-breaker red-handed. A coffee cart that sells drinks and snacks played holiday music “tied to Christmas,” and “complaints and concerns” were raised, according to a faculty e-mail. College authorities quickly squashed the practice.They appear to take a very different attitude toward Islam. Welcome and accommodation are the order of the day for the college’s more than 500 Muslim students.
The college has worked with local Muslim leaders to ensure that these students’ prayer needs and concerns are adequately addressed, Davis told me. Muslim prayer is an increasingly controversial issue. Many Muslim students use restroom sinks to wash their feet before prayer. Other students have complained, and one Muslim student fell and injured herself while lifting her foot out of a sink.Some local Muslim leaders have advised the college staff that washing is NOT a required practice for students under the circumstances, according to Davis. Nevertheless, he says, he wants to facilitate it for interested students. “It’s like when someone comes to your home, you want to be hospitable,” Davis told me. “We have new members in our community coming here; we want to be hospitable.”  
So the college is making plans to use taxpayer funds to install facilities for ritual foot-washing. Staff members are researching options, and a school official will visit a community college in Illinois to view such facilities while attending a conference nearby. College facilities staff members are expected to present a proposal this spring. In Davis’ view, the foot-washing plan does not constitute promotion or support of religion.
“The foot-washing facilities are not about religion, they are about customer service and public safety,” he says. He sees no significant difference between using public funds to construct prayer-related facilities for Muslim students and the cafeteria’s provision of a fish option for Christian students during Lent.
(  President Phil Davis and his Political Correctness at its very best . Who are these people running our Universities?)

 College officials claim that the restrictions on Christmas displays apply to employees who are state agents, and so are subject to more restrictions, while students are free to express their religious beliefs. But where the Muslim prayer facilities are concerned, college authorities themselves are consulting with religious leaders, researching other schools, and using taxpayer money to make improvements to facilitate one group’s prayer. Issues surrounding the intersection of church and state and religious accommodation are complex. But the college’s treatment of Christianity and Islam seems to reflect a double standard. It’s hard to imagine the college researching and paying for special modifications to the college to facilitate Christian rituals. And the “safety” justification? Imagine if a particularly strict group of Christian students found it necessary to sometimes baptize others in the restroom sinks. Would the school build them a baptism basin because a student hit his head on a sink?
 Will American stand up for their Freedoms particularly THEIR Freedom of Religion?  

this was reprinted from “Conservatives with Attitude” and was copied word for word as was written!


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What are the Democrats Thinking?

I don’t get it! Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will not sit down with President Bush to write acceptable legislation for funding the troops but she will go to Syria to meet with a terrorist thug like Assad and now she is talking about going to Iran to meet with the radical half-wit that runs that country named Ahmadinejad. She has already broken the law, specifically The Logan Act, which states that The President and the President alone has the authority to conduct foreign policy and  which forbids any American — “without the authority of the United States”– to communicate with a foreign government with the intent of influencing that government’s actions in any disputes or controversies involving the United States. Ms. Pelosi has committed a felony when she violated the act and therefore should be tried and placed in a prison cell for a period of three years as prescribed by law. Is Ms. Pelosi so taken with her position as Speaker of The House that she thinks she can take over Presidential duties? Is she so blinded by Democratic ambition that she spoke an untruth about our strongest ally in the Mid East, Israel and embarrassed our country? Does she really think that opening any dialog with two of the most notorious terrorist thugs in the world will cause anything but having them laugh at her and the rest of the world laugh at the United States?

Wake up Grandma Pelosi and listen to the sounds of the real world BEFORE they lock you up!

Playing politics with the security of the United States is not something that the voters will tolerate and before long they will be screaming for your head!


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