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GI Film Festival

During WWII …. it was main stream to honor our Protectors and Defenders at the cinema…openly and publicly without ridicule or shame.
 Now we need a Special  Event.


I was asked to post this information on my blog. We won’t be seeing it in the MSM.  We will only see the propaganda of Martin Sheen and Rosie whatever her name is…’9/11 was an Inside Job’ or maybe we can see the new one called “How Pelosi’s liberal anti-military Congress screwed our troops”!

The GI Film Festival (GIFF) is the first film festival in the nation to exclusively celebrate the successes and sacrifices of the American military through the medium of film.  The three-day festival will be held on May 26-28, 2007 , Memorial Day Weekend, in  Washington , DC , at the  Ronald Reagan International Trade Center .  The GIFF will present films from new and established international and domestic filmmakers that honor the heroic stories of the American Armed Forces and the worldwide struggle for freedom and liberty.  Some of the films screened will be fan favorites.  Others will be screened for the first time.  All will in some way express the courage and selflessness of our fighting men and women and the value of their work.   

The GI Film Festival is open to filmmakers of every experience level, from first-timers to veteran directors and producers.  Prizes will be awarded to winners of three main categories: feature, documentary, and film shorts. 

In addition to presenting feature, documentary, and short film screenings, the GIFF will also present panel discussions, educational forums and special events, including:

Movie screenings by international and domestic filmmakers.   
Awards presentation featuring a special celebrity major motion picture screening.             

“War Stories” educational panel featuring untold personal stories of heroism from the front lines.  

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