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A Different Sort of Wake Up Call

I am a dog owner and dog lover. The recent  incidents with dogs dying from eating specific kinds of dog food, caused my wife and I to scramble through the Net in search of information that may confirm or calm our concerns. Thankfully the food we feed our Boxer was not one of the suspect foods and was not included in the massive recall.

It now appears that the people investigating this horrific situation have connected the bad food to a rat poison used in China on grain that was purchased by a large pet food manufacturer.

This being true, with the large recall of food and public awareness information provided by the media, Vets and pet food retailers it is hoped that the situation will be brought under control.

My heart goes out to those who lost a pet due to this horror. Loosing a pet is as tramatic as loosing a family member.


This tragic incident made me think of a different way this could have played out. FOOD BORN TERRORISM AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. A trivial amount of a poison, bacteria, botulism or whatever the flavor of the day is for chemical terrorist attacks could be introduced into the water systems of several major metropolitan areas at the same time and cause death, sickness and mass hysteria!

Now, think a bit smaller. The if the same chemicals were introduced into regular, universally used products like catsup, Pepsi or toothpaste. They would be extremely difficult to locate and could be devestating. Remember back a few years when to the search for the poison Tylenol?

All this simply points out that we live in a time and country that could be under seige from many directions. There are no rules in war. Our current enemies have proven they follow no rules . Some attacks could come as blatant as 9/11 and other so innocent appearing you would not give a second thought to them.

We must be vigilant! We must be aware! We must no longer have blind trust in people!

When  people in Government or the mainstream media tell you, “we need not fear terrorism in the United States”. The Patriot Act is useless. We have no need to spend more money on the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. The TSA and The Air Marshalls have done nothing but cost money.  Beware, they are empty suits with empty heads! They haven’t a clue!


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | 9/11, Terrorism

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