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Mainstream Media Breaks Bad on News

The following is courtesy of: http://www.fightmediabiascouric.org and was copied as written for your information and edification. 


The Good News is Good but the Bad News is All We Get

“Two media polls of the Iraqi people were released over the weekend and showed significant percentages now say life is better than it was under Hussein, despite the war and insurgent terrorism.

But if you got that news from the mainstream media on Monday, the spin you got was almost totally pessimistic.

It was “a sobering report…” with “fewer than half” saying things were better, asserted ABC’s Charles Gibson.

NBC anchor Brian Williams led with what he said were “the numbers of great importance to all Americans:” the numbers of Americans and Iraqis killed.

Couric stayed true to form opining that “… there is no end or victory in sight, thousands of Americans are dead.”

But the biggest giveaway that they were ignoring the positive came from Couric when she stressed the leftist line that Iraq was in a “civil war.” According to both polls, the folks who actually live there think not. Fifty-six percent of Iraqis in one and 61 percent in the other said their country was not in a civil war.”

My comments follow:

I believe that the mainstream media in this country is doing all they can to advance “The Hate Bush agenda” of The Democratic Party and demoralize our citizens at home and those fighting for The United States in Iraq. They continually dwell on the the bad and ignore the good. They stress un-truths and half-truths.

A person can find the real truth IF they know where to look. The Internet is a good place to start BUT the person who is searching for information must be selective and be able to filter out the lies and the fluff. This is not difficult once you find Websites that you determine are trustworthy. It’s funny, the truthful sites are often the most un-assuming and low key sites.


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