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Sen. Durbin’s Hand is in YOUR POCKET!

Well, Senator Dick Durbin  (D-IL) does it again. He recently introduced legislation to allow CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES TO APPLY FOR FEDERAL FUNDING FOR THEIR CAMPAIGNS! Those funds are public monies, OUR monies, OUR tax monies. His unconscionable bill would set aside $2.9 Billion available for every election for candidates who can raise a specified level of “seed money”. There is also a bill floating around the House Of Representatives with a program somewhat similar to this I understand.

Durbin has the unmitigated gall to say it is too expensive to run a campaign these days. What if candidates who are members of the Communist Party, Klu Klux Clan etc raise the “seed money” and apply? Do we fund their anti-American attempt to enter the inner workings of our government to destroy us?

Durbin the “Most Liberal Member of The Senate”, (see another of my posts in this blog dated March 13, 2007) is not alone in this assanine endeavor to put his grubby little hands in the pockets of taxpayers. He is joined by Senator Arlen Spector (R-PA), who must have immediately rushed to sign on the bill as co-sponsor, who may be the “Most Liberal Republican Member of the Senate” after this stunt.

This cock-a-mamie legislation would also require radio and T.V stations to give candidates a discount of 20% on any campaign use within 60 days of an election. Is this not an attempt by the Senator to force price controls on private business?

I guess this is the way the Democrats said they were going to help themselves ,er I mean us, after the 2006 elections!

This is nothing but a usual Democrat TAX and SPEND proposal except the recipient of the monies in this case will be the politicians themselves. I want to use my money  to fund WHO I want not to fund someone I don’t want.

This is NUTZ. I would urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives to and tell them that if a bill that even smells like this goes through, they will need more than public funding next election, they will need to find a job in the real world as YOU will not vote for them.

 I also can’t help but wonder IF they pass legislation such as this, if it is legal. It sure smells like CONFLICT of INTEREST to me!



March 23, 2007 - Posted by | Democrat, Durbin, Liberal Blog, Liberal Democrat, POLITICS, Senator

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  1. This explains why the American people have to send a message in 2008, and vote to oust 70% of Congress. They don’t care for America. They are in Congress to amass power and money. They are a joke. End their reign of terror in DC.

    Comment by Lee Anthony Nieves | March 24, 2007 | Reply

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