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Gathering of Eagles Chronicle, Part I

I have a friend who spent the weekend in Washington D.C. at THE WALL with THE GATHERING of EAGLES. Her email below was so informative and moving, I thought it would be great to share her first person account with my readers. This is exactly the way I got the email, no editing! I will post whatever Linda sends me regarding THE GATHERING of EAGLES to show you what it was REALLY all about and not what the main stream media told you happened!

March 17,2007 Gathering of the Eagles will be marked as a great day in American History for Freedom and Military Support.
Some 30,000  Pro Americans  Pro Military citizens attended. The media will not and has not shown this.
Standing with so many Americans who love their country and their military was over whelming. Filled with pride and comfort  which embraces your very core. To walk from the Staging area right before the WALL  to the Lincoln Memorial , an ocean of flags ,Veterans  and  troop supporting citizens at every turn . Walk even further over the bridge and towards the Pentagon, thousands more holding  flags and banners supporting our country and our military…you can simply believe it is a dream. It was Patriotic Paradise.
But as in all dreams and all goodness, bad exists…in this case ANSWER, Code Pink, media Whore Sheehan and the dirty trust fund baby Anarchists.

Maybe 5000  Anti Americans showed up (I read it was 10,000). They are very clever at lining their people inside of the ‘bull pen’ ,which was their area  to huddle ,so it would appear that they were full ( look at The REDHUNTER and the links to see some great photos, Youtube has some video up). They had an over sized  sound system playing Middle Eastern, Indonesian and 1960’s music, as some one in their camp announced who was “In The House..”  It was a party for them, an Al Queda Disco.
They cursed, taunted with lewd gestures  and gave us the “finger”. They created little chants and nursery rhymes that re-enforced the mental illness of pure hate they suffer from.  
Media Whore Sheehan ( from what I am told she never even mentioned her Hero son, who was killed while serving in the Army on his second tour of duty) was booed by the EAGLES.

The  Anarchists with their snide little faces hidden with their mothers Hermes’ head scarves and Palestine prayer shawls, stood so bravely believing  they could stare down a RECON Ranger  or a Marine.  Four of these Anarchist carried an American Flag upside down, walking lock step past a group of Vietnam Veterans . A  Veteran  quickly reached across the barrier and snatched the flag from them. These home grown terrorists scurried like the little rats that they are. Little Terrorist Youths  never having to suffer or fight for the rights they abuse so freely.  All I could think of is how their parents have failed .
For these Anti American ANSWER types this was Mardi Gras…with their puppets and masks, organized dances, costumes. This was their opportunity to get discovered . They knew all media would be on them. Some sang, played instruments and banged on plastic bins as if they were drums . A shameful display of self-indulgence which had nothing to do with War or Peace.  

The  Radical Feminist Group Code Pink wore fluffy pink hats. These delusional frustrated old hags claim to ‘Love The Troops, Hate The War” but all they are is another arm for the DNC who suffer from “President Bush Derangement Syndrome.”  These ‘Pinko’s” love the troops so much that each and every Friday they stand outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center protesting the war, taunting the healing troops and their families with their hand made signs and banners spreading their Anti American propaganda.
 This “ Peace March” had nothing to do with peace, just hate of all that is good and correct in America.  They carried signs with images of Che Guevara, words expressing love towards Iran and  hate towards Israel…bold lettered Anti American slogans . This is the mouth piece of Marxist, Pro-Terrorism
( YES THEY  ARE… Pro-Terrorism), the left wing of this Government, heavily funded by  Global Communist World Workers Party and hypocrite American  hating businessman George Soros. ( these leftists hate Corporate America yet they take their funds from Billionaire Anti Semite Soros as they march along with their Starbucks lattes) This is who the Main Stream Media adores.  This is the base of the Democrat Party.

 The Patriotic Americans, those of us who believe in the Constitution and the freedoms put upon us by the Founding Fathers, those who have fought to protect those freedoms and security of this country, those who have shown strength and valor, not only on the battle field but as everyday citizens in the streets of the Nations Capital, gathered. The media will ignore this silent majority and continue their propaganda from the LEFT. For the Gathering of the Eagles March 17,2007 , we watched these leftists cower in the light of True Patriotism. We will not be hidden any longer.
We were seen and we certainly were heard.   
More to follow…


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