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Outrageous, Vicious, Horrid – It’s a non-issue! Get over it!

Ann Coulter used the alleged “over the top” word “FAGGOT” in a comment sentence about former Senator John “Leftwards”. The one word that she uttered has caused commentary, mostly on the negative side, from Democrats and Republicans that is almost equal in amount to the discussions on exactly who the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby is. I ran across a blurb on the Net that three (3), almost unknown, Mickey Mouse newspapers, have dropped her column because of her comment but that her book sales are soaring!


I have two questions on this non-issue and I will offer, what I think are the answers to the questions following both :


1)      WHY is the MSM demanding that Republican candidates for President denounce Ann Coulter?

2)      WHY, if Coulter’s comment was so hateful and distasteful, does MSM ignore it  when those in the media or on the left in general consistently make comments such as:

 Calling the President of The United States a “Chimp or Chimpy”

       Bill Maher wishing that Vice President Cheney and his Spouse were assassinated

       Sec. of State Rice being termed “kitchen Help” or “Aunt Jemmima”

       Former Sec. of State Powell called a “house N****r”.


 Where is the outrage here?




The answer to question #1 is the easiest. They are afraid of her! There can be no other reason.


The answer to question #2 is a bit more perplexing. I think they feel that the hatred the left has for the Bush Administration justifies this type of behavior and that it is legitimized by their ignoring it.


I have said before that Coulter may have chosen the incorrect word or the wrong venue in which to use it but it’s not a hanging offense, it’s her style,  let’s get over it and get on to substantive discussion.





March 11, 2007 - Posted by | POLITICS

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