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The Heart Attack!!!

Heart attack


An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack. The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room.  After what seemed like a very long wait, the E.R. Doctor appeared, wearing his scrubs and a long face. Sadly, he said, “I’m afraid he is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating”

“Oh, Dear God,” cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with shock !!! “We’ve never had a democrat in the family before” !!!


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Do YOU believe in God?

Do you believe in God?  

NBC recently had a poll on this question. They had the highestNumber of responses that they have ever had for one of their polls, and thePercentage was the same as this:86% to keep the words, IN God We Trust and God in the Pledge of Allegiance14% against It is said that 86% of Americans believe in God.This being true, I have a hard time understanding why there is suchA hullabaloo about having “In God We Trust” on our money and havingGod in the Pledge of Allegiance.Why is the world catering to this 14%?AMEN! 


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Oh Oh, Obama

The credit for this article goes to Andy Martin and his site http://contrariancommentary.com . The article was copied as written on the site. I occaisionally stop by the site on my stroll around the Net looking for ideas. The content makes it worth your time to have a look once in awhile.

CHICAGO — If anyone else running for president locked his granny away and refused to allow her to be seen, would the media complain? You betcha !

America’s media have supinely allowed Barry Obama to pretend he has no white relatives. He has paraded his step-grandmother in
Kenya, who never saw him until the 1980s, as his “granny,” and locked the grandmother who actually raised him away in a closet.

Now, the Chicago Tribune reports “the Obama campaign declined to make [his white grandmother] available.”

Is she sick? Not apparently, Bedridden? Hospitalized? Not apparently. She is the “Prisoner of Obama,” and of Obama’s racist myth that he is “Black” and not “Black and White.”

What a disgrace.

And like whimpering puppies the media do not protest, complain or demand access.

Free Granny Madelyn Dunham [Obama]!Barack Obama is one of the most racist politicians in
America today. And we let him get away with it. We are afraid to confront Obama’s reality, so we pretend that reality is not there, even though it is staring us in the face. Anyone remember “Miss Lillian?” Or Barbara Bush? Or Bill Clinton’s mom, drinking, gambling card-playing gal that she was?

No one else but Obama could get away with pretending that his paternal grandfather’s second or third or fourth wife was his “granny” when she wasn’t.

Maybe that’s the core of the antipathy between grandson and grandmother. Maybe that’s why Obama’s white grandmother is locked in purdah. She is offended that Obambi shamelessly highlights his black relatives in Kenya and, equally shamelessly, pretends his white relatives in
Hawaii who actually raised him do not exist. It would hurt me.

No one could get away with pretending his white grandmother didn’t exist except a media witch doctor such as Obama.

            I have been attacking Obama for months because of his racist exclusion of his white relatives from the campaign trail. http://www.contrariancommentary.com/community/Home/tabid/36/mid/366/newsid366/59/Default.aspx 

We finally smoked out a picture of Obama’s sister in the Chicago Tribune. She had said she was his “adviser” but refused to be photographed. Did she plan to enter the White house with a paper sack over her head?

But the “segregation” of Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s white grandmother, and only real grandmother, has to be one of the cruelest and most mendacious political kidnappings this nation has ever seen.

Mrs. Dunham lives alone in the same apartment where she has lived for many years. Thus, it is reasonable to assume she is not incapacitated or an invalid.

Granny Dunham told the New York Times she was not well enough to speak, but in reality the Obama campaign maintains Stalinist “control” over potential interviewees. Obama’s minions tried to control access to Obama’s friend who was recently released from prison. Since he became a candidate for U.S. Senator, Obama has locked his white relative away in his racist closet.

Madelyn Dunham raised Barry Obama. It was probably her money that got him admitted to the prestigious
School in
Hawaii and paid his fees. Her efforts were formative, perhaps even more so than those of Obama’s mother Ann, Madelyn’s daughter. And yet Madelyn is being hidden away.

All because she is white and Barry Obama is a “black” candidate for president.

What a lie. What hypocrisy. What cowardice. And this man wants to sit in the Oval Office?

Ironically, locking Madelyn away is going to hurt Obama more with African-Americans than with whites. Whites delight in drinking Obama’s Kool-Aid. Reason and reality will only gradually descend on them.

But blacks are a lot smarter than whites are when it comes to slights, because they have experienced racial slights all their lives. Blacks know who Obama is, and they know how he is trying to “pass” and ignore his past.

During the decade when crack devastated the African-American community it was the “Black Grannies” who were and are the backbone of the community. These grandmothers helped stabilize disintegrating families ravaged by drugs. Black grannies will not like the fact that their white counterpart is being treated badly by Obama.

Black and white grandmothers? My guess is they will stick together on this one. They will be offended by the way Obama is treating the woman who really raised him and was the stabilizing factor in his life, Madelyn Dunham.

I repeat: Free Granny Madelyn Dunham [Obama]! Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of ContrarianCommentary.com. © Copyright, Andy Martin 2007.RWD

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GI Film Festival

During WWII …. it was main stream to honor our Protectors and Defenders at the cinema…openly and publicly without ridicule or shame.
 Now we need a Special  Event.


I was asked to post this information on my blog. We won’t be seeing it in the MSM.  We will only see the propaganda of Martin Sheen and Rosie whatever her name is…’9/11 was an Inside Job’ or maybe we can see the new one called “How Pelosi’s liberal anti-military Congress screwed our troops”!

The GI Film Festival (GIFF) is the first film festival in the nation to exclusively celebrate the successes and sacrifices of the American military through the medium of film.  The three-day festival will be held on May 26-28, 2007 , Memorial Day Weekend, in  Washington , DC , at the  Ronald Reagan International Trade Center .  The GIFF will present films from new and established international and domestic filmmakers that honor the heroic stories of the American Armed Forces and the worldwide struggle for freedom and liberty.  Some of the films screened will be fan favorites.  Others will be screened for the first time.  All will in some way express the courage and selflessness of our fighting men and women and the value of their work.   

The GI Film Festival is open to filmmakers of every experience level, from first-timers to veteran directors and producers.  Prizes will be awarded to winners of three main categories: feature, documentary, and film shorts. 

In addition to presenting feature, documentary, and short film screenings, the GIFF will also present panel discussions, educational forums and special events, including:

Movie screenings by international and domestic filmmakers.   
Awards presentation featuring a special celebrity major motion picture screening.             

“War Stories” educational panel featuring untold personal stories of heroism from the front lines.  

 Posted as sent with a few minor changes.


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An old southern country preacher had a teenage son, and it was getting time the boy should give some thought to choosing a profession. Like many young men, the boy didn’t really know what he wanted to do, and he didn’t seem too concerned about it.

One day, while the boy was away at school, his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy’s room and placed on his study table four objects:– a Bible,– a silver dollar,

– a bottle of whisky and

– a Playboy magazine

“I’ll just hide behind the door,” the old preacher said to himself, “when he comes home from school this afternoon, I’ll see which object he picks up. If it’s the Bible, he’s going to be a preacher like me, and what a blessing that would be! If he picks up the dollar, he’s going to be a businessman, and that would be okay, too. But if he picks up the bottle, he’s going to be a no-good drunkard, and, Lord, what a shame that would be. And worst of all, if he picks up that magazine he’s gonna be a skirt-chasin’ bum.”

The old man waited anxiously, and soon heard his son’s footsteps as he entered the house whistling and headed for his room. The boy tossed his books on the bed, and as he turned to leave the room he spotted the objects on the table. With curiosity in his eye, he walked over to inspect them.

Finally, he picked up the Bible and placed it under his arm. He picked up the silver dollar and dropped it into his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and took a big drink while he admired this month’s Centerfold.

“Lord have mercy,” the old preacher disgustedly whispered, “he’s  gonna be a Congressman


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A Different Sort of Wake Up Call

I am a dog owner and dog lover. The recent  incidents with dogs dying from eating specific kinds of dog food, caused my wife and I to scramble through the Net in search of information that may confirm or calm our concerns. Thankfully the food we feed our Boxer was not one of the suspect foods and was not included in the massive recall.

It now appears that the people investigating this horrific situation have connected the bad food to a rat poison used in China on grain that was purchased by a large pet food manufacturer.

This being true, with the large recall of food and public awareness information provided by the media, Vets and pet food retailers it is hoped that the situation will be brought under control.

My heart goes out to those who lost a pet due to this horror. Loosing a pet is as tramatic as loosing a family member.


This tragic incident made me think of a different way this could have played out. FOOD BORN TERRORISM AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. A trivial amount of a poison, bacteria, botulism or whatever the flavor of the day is for chemical terrorist attacks could be introduced into the water systems of several major metropolitan areas at the same time and cause death, sickness and mass hysteria!

Now, think a bit smaller. The if the same chemicals were introduced into regular, universally used products like catsup, Pepsi or toothpaste. They would be extremely difficult to locate and could be devestating. Remember back a few years when to the search for the poison Tylenol?

All this simply points out that we live in a time and country that could be under seige from many directions. There are no rules in war. Our current enemies have proven they follow no rules . Some attacks could come as blatant as 9/11 and other so innocent appearing you would not give a second thought to them.

We must be vigilant! We must be aware! We must no longer have blind trust in people!

When  people in Government or the mainstream media tell you, “we need not fear terrorism in the United States”. The Patriot Act is useless. We have no need to spend more money on the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. The TSA and The Air Marshalls have done nothing but cost money.  Beware, they are empty suits with empty heads! They haven’t a clue!


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Mainstream Media Breaks Bad on News

The following is courtesy of: http://www.fightmediabiascouric.org and was copied as written for your information and edification. 


The Good News is Good but the Bad News is All We Get

“Two media polls of the Iraqi people were released over the weekend and showed significant percentages now say life is better than it was under Hussein, despite the war and insurgent terrorism.

But if you got that news from the mainstream media on Monday, the spin you got was almost totally pessimistic.

It was “a sobering report…” with “fewer than half” saying things were better, asserted ABC’s Charles Gibson.

NBC anchor Brian Williams led with what he said were “the numbers of great importance to all Americans:” the numbers of Americans and Iraqis killed.

Couric stayed true to form opining that “… there is no end or victory in sight, thousands of Americans are dead.”

But the biggest giveaway that they were ignoring the positive came from Couric when she stressed the leftist line that Iraq was in a “civil war.” According to both polls, the folks who actually live there think not. Fifty-six percent of Iraqis in one and 61 percent in the other said their country was not in a civil war.”

My comments follow:

I believe that the mainstream media in this country is doing all they can to advance “The Hate Bush agenda” of The Democratic Party and demoralize our citizens at home and those fighting for The United States in Iraq. They continually dwell on the the bad and ignore the good. They stress un-truths and half-truths.

A person can find the real truth IF they know where to look. The Internet is a good place to start BUT the person who is searching for information must be selective and be able to filter out the lies and the fluff. This is not difficult once you find Websites that you determine are trustworthy. It’s funny, the truthful sites are often the most un-assuming and low key sites.


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Sen. Durbin’s Hand is in YOUR POCKET!

Well, Senator Dick Durbin  (D-IL) does it again. He recently introduced legislation to allow CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES TO APPLY FOR FEDERAL FUNDING FOR THEIR CAMPAIGNS! Those funds are public monies, OUR monies, OUR tax monies. His unconscionable bill would set aside $2.9 Billion available for every election for candidates who can raise a specified level of “seed money”. There is also a bill floating around the House Of Representatives with a program somewhat similar to this I understand.

Durbin has the unmitigated gall to say it is too expensive to run a campaign these days. What if candidates who are members of the Communist Party, Klu Klux Clan etc raise the “seed money” and apply? Do we fund their anti-American attempt to enter the inner workings of our government to destroy us?

Durbin the “Most Liberal Member of The Senate”, (see another of my posts in this blog dated March 13, 2007) is not alone in this assanine endeavor to put his grubby little hands in the pockets of taxpayers. He is joined by Senator Arlen Spector (R-PA), who must have immediately rushed to sign on the bill as co-sponsor, who may be the “Most Liberal Republican Member of the Senate” after this stunt.

This cock-a-mamie legislation would also require radio and T.V stations to give candidates a discount of 20% on any campaign use within 60 days of an election. Is this not an attempt by the Senator to force price controls on private business?

I guess this is the way the Democrats said they were going to help themselves ,er I mean us, after the 2006 elections!

This is nothing but a usual Democrat TAX and SPEND proposal except the recipient of the monies in this case will be the politicians themselves. I want to use my money  to fund WHO I want not to fund someone I don’t want.

This is NUTZ. I would urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives to and tell them that if a bill that even smells like this goes through, they will need more than public funding next election, they will need to find a job in the real world as YOU will not vote for them.

 I also can’t help but wonder IF they pass legislation such as this, if it is legal. It sure smells like CONFLICT of INTEREST to me!


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Election 2008 – Soup!

The constantly changing pool of candidates makes me think of making soup.

The soup isn’t finished yet and right now maybe we have too much beef and carrots and as we taste the soup we decide we need more garlic and peas and less beef and carrots. We keep tasting and adding until eventually we get our favorite combination. Since I enjoy cooking and often alter recipes to my taste or ingredients on hand, how the election 2008 cooks up is kind of exciting in that regard. I imagine others feel that way, too, and will enjoy your article as I did.

This was from an Email my daughter-in-law Marilyn sent me about an article I had written for another web site. I thought it was a somewhat unique interpretation of Election 2008!


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Gathering of Eagles Chronicle, Part I

I have a friend who spent the weekend in Washington D.C. at THE WALL with THE GATHERING of EAGLES. Her email below was so informative and moving, I thought it would be great to share her first person account with my readers. This is exactly the way I got the email, no editing! I will post whatever Linda sends me regarding THE GATHERING of EAGLES to show you what it was REALLY all about and not what the main stream media told you happened!

March 17,2007 Gathering of the Eagles will be marked as a great day in American History for Freedom and Military Support.
Some 30,000  Pro Americans  Pro Military citizens attended. The media will not and has not shown this.
Standing with so many Americans who love their country and their military was over whelming. Filled with pride and comfort  which embraces your very core. To walk from the Staging area right before the WALL  to the Lincoln Memorial , an ocean of flags ,Veterans  and  troop supporting citizens at every turn . Walk even further over the bridge and towards the Pentagon, thousands more holding  flags and banners supporting our country and our military…you can simply believe it is a dream. It was Patriotic Paradise.
But as in all dreams and all goodness, bad exists…in this case ANSWER, Code Pink, media Whore Sheehan and the dirty trust fund baby Anarchists.

Maybe 5000  Anti Americans showed up (I read it was 10,000). They are very clever at lining their people inside of the ‘bull pen’ ,which was their area  to huddle ,so it would appear that they were full ( look at The REDHUNTER and the links to see some great photos, Youtube has some video up). They had an over sized  sound system playing Middle Eastern, Indonesian and 1960’s music, as some one in their camp announced who was “In The House..”  It was a party for them, an Al Queda Disco.
They cursed, taunted with lewd gestures  and gave us the “finger”. They created little chants and nursery rhymes that re-enforced the mental illness of pure hate they suffer from.  
Media Whore Sheehan ( from what I am told she never even mentioned her Hero son, who was killed while serving in the Army on his second tour of duty) was booed by the EAGLES.

The  Anarchists with their snide little faces hidden with their mothers Hermes’ head scarves and Palestine prayer shawls, stood so bravely believing  they could stare down a RECON Ranger  or a Marine.  Four of these Anarchist carried an American Flag upside down, walking lock step past a group of Vietnam Veterans . A  Veteran  quickly reached across the barrier and snatched the flag from them. These home grown terrorists scurried like the little rats that they are. Little Terrorist Youths  never having to suffer or fight for the rights they abuse so freely.  All I could think of is how their parents have failed .
For these Anti American ANSWER types this was Mardi Gras…with their puppets and masks, organized dances, costumes. This was their opportunity to get discovered . They knew all media would be on them. Some sang, played instruments and banged on plastic bins as if they were drums . A shameful display of self-indulgence which had nothing to do with War or Peace.  

The  Radical Feminist Group Code Pink wore fluffy pink hats. These delusional frustrated old hags claim to ‘Love The Troops, Hate The War” but all they are is another arm for the DNC who suffer from “President Bush Derangement Syndrome.”  These ‘Pinko’s” love the troops so much that each and every Friday they stand outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center protesting the war, taunting the healing troops and their families with their hand made signs and banners spreading their Anti American propaganda.
 This “ Peace March” had nothing to do with peace, just hate of all that is good and correct in America.  They carried signs with images of Che Guevara, words expressing love towards Iran and  hate towards Israel…bold lettered Anti American slogans . This is the mouth piece of Marxist, Pro-Terrorism
( YES THEY  ARE… Pro-Terrorism), the left wing of this Government, heavily funded by  Global Communist World Workers Party and hypocrite American  hating businessman George Soros. ( these leftists hate Corporate America yet they take their funds from Billionaire Anti Semite Soros as they march along with their Starbucks lattes) This is who the Main Stream Media adores.  This is the base of the Democrat Party.

 The Patriotic Americans, those of us who believe in the Constitution and the freedoms put upon us by the Founding Fathers, those who have fought to protect those freedoms and security of this country, those who have shown strength and valor, not only on the battle field but as everyday citizens in the streets of the Nations Capital, gathered. The media will ignore this silent majority and continue their propaganda from the LEFT. For the Gathering of the Eagles March 17,2007 , we watched these leftists cower in the light of True Patriotism. We will not be hidden any longer.
We were seen and we certainly were heard.   
More to follow…


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